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    Welcome to the digital production environment of tomorrow!

    Optimize your logistics and production process for the age of digitalization. With our expertise in capacity planning and material requirements planning, production planning, detailed scheduling, and production monitoring, we can help you shape innovative, purposeful, efficient business processes.

    Quality management is a key component for customer satisfaction and helps you gain competitive advantages over other market players. Together we’ll find the optimal QM solution for your company.

    Good plant maintenance management helps to ensure a long useful equipment life, together with machine reliability and availability. It is the foundation for smooth, on-time production. Our solutions help you keep track of your facilities and let you act before the production process is affected.

    Contact us and our process experts will be happy to support you in the digitalization of your logistics and production.

    • Planning & Control

      In an efficient, customer-centric production environment, all production factors are coordinated. To avoid bottlenecks and optimize productivity, we develop reliable material requirements planning and capacity planning with our customers. We are your dependable partner for the efficient, innovative, forward-looking digitalization of production processes. Rely on our experts and their experience.

      Suitable SAP solutions:

      SAP S/4HANA (Manufacturing)

      SAP Production Planning and Control

      SAP Production Planning

      SAP Detailed Scheduling

    • Quality Management

      Quality management is a key component for customer satisfaction and helps you gain competitive advantages over other market players. Together we’ll find the optimal QM solution for your company. Our process and industry expertise, combined with SAP’s sophisticated software solutions, will give you better quality management for your products.

      Suitable SAP solutions:

      SAP Quality Management

      SAP Issue Management

    • Plant Maintenance

      Intelligent plant maintenance management ensures the functional capability, operational performance, and availability of your production machinery. SAP Plant Maintenance and new smart maintenance solutions offer innovative technologies that let you intervene at an early stage, to ensure a reliable, transparent production environment.

      Let us help you find the best possible solution!

      Suitable SAP solutions:

      SAP Plant Maintenance

      Smart Maintenance

      SAP Intelligent Asset Management

    Production Planning and Control

    SAP S/4HANA (Manufacturing)

    SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing opens up new possibilities for the planning, coordination, and control of your production processes. Benefit from fast, efficient, detailed material requirements planning that takes changes in peripheral factors into account on both the material supply and demand sides. Use real-time data to achieve flexible production planning that takes your requirement parameters into account and reacts to changes at short notice. Integrate your quality management directly, to satisfy the high demands on your finished products. To enable simple, intuitive use, SAP provides a completely reworked user interface for your employees and opens up new areas of use.

    Elemente der SAP S4HANA Manufacturing
    Darstellung der SAP Produktionsplanung und -steuerung

    SAP Production Planning and Control

    Production planning and control are the foundation for an efficient, reliable production and manufacturing process. Let us help you harmonize your resource planning with your production plans, to enable reliable, efficient, trouble-free production. We use SAP solutions to design lean, transparent production processes for you.

    In the planning step, the material quantity and resource capacity required for your production are provided. Production control coordinates the individual production factors and influencing parameters. The use cases are rounded out by sophisticated process monitoring features. You can optimize and digitalize your entire production process, exploit new potential, and set yourself apart from the competition.

    SAP Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

    Effective production planning and detailed scheduling ensures that all the required factors are available as needed, to achieve shorter lead times, lean and reliable production flows, and high capacity utilization rates. The SAP detailed planning tools make it possible to integrate important modules in your production planning, such as resource and capacity management and ATP checks. You can design lean, efficient production flows.

    Übersicht der Produktions- und Feinplanung

    Übersicht der SAP Prozessindustrie

    SAP Production Planning – Process Industry

    Extraordinary requirements demand extraordinary solutions – and we have yours for the process industry. SAP software for the process industry is used primarily in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors. We can support you in adapting your production planning and control to your specific needs.

    The module offers a variety of possible uses, including resource and capacity planning, process control, recipe management, and monitoring your production activities. We’ll be happy to advise you in creating a lean, efficient production environment.

    Quality and Issue Management

    SAP Quality Management

    SAP offer a powerful QM solution for achieving comprehensive, broad-based total quality management. This end-to-end QM approach gathers information and processes across departments and companies, enabling employees and partners in the logistics chain to maintain and increase their quality demands. The SAP solution contains many integrated quality management functions and supports cross-company business processes for the cost-effective quality management of your product and processes.

    Übersicht Quality Management Prozess

    Plant Maintenance

    Übersicht Plant Maintenance

    SAP Plant Maintenance

    Well-functioning equipment and production facilities are essential to efficient production processes that produce the manufactured goods in the required level of quality. SAP Plant Maintenance offers extensive options for achieving this goal. The system is fundamental for the inspection, maintenance, and upkeep of your production facilities.

    Smart Maintenance

    Smart maintenance solutions use innovative technologies to ensure high overall effectiveness of your systems and availability of your production equipment. Predictive planning, automated monitoring of machine loads, and manufacturing execution systems (MES) help you prevent equipment failures and extend the useful life of your production facilities. Automated, detailed data collection and analysis enable the needs-based inspection and maintenance of your production facilities, enabling you to reduce or even entirely prevent downtimes and improve the availability and reliability of your production equipment.

    Übersicht Smart Maintenance

    SAP Intelligent Asset Management

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    Modern, clear design with the Fiori Launchpad


    Full integration with SAP S/4HANA Maintenance Management


    "Digital twin" concept with near real-time processing of sensor data


    Workflow-like processes and maximum automation


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