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    The hype surrounding AI has reached unprecedented levels. This is due to a variety of concurrent developments, such as the explosive growth of datasets, the exponential increase in computing power, and improved algorithms. Many AI methods and concepts have already entered our everyday lives. But it isn’t just features like your smartphone's voice-activated digital assistant that are making life easier:

    In the future, artificial intelligence methods will make inroads into many business departments. Many decisions at an enterprise can be automated or supported through AI. In our initiative, we provide use cases, methods, and integration options to give you optimal guidance on your way to becoming an AI-driven business.

    Our experts

    A profile of Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

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    Dr. Wolfram Jost

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    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer
    Founder of the Scheer Group

    “In the future, digitalization strategies will be determined by new software concepts for company management. This includes robotic process automation paired with AI.”

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    The time is NOW and we are READY

    30 years of digitalization experience in a variety of domains

    Benefit from our expertise and let us help you implement AI applications with the greatest possible ROI!

    An in-depth understanding of the processes and related data

    We’ll give you targeted support in identifying bottlenecks in your processes and guide you through your next wave of digitalization: automation with AI!

    Benefit from our experience with a focus on new technologies

    Our AI experts can help you master the topic of artificial intelligence – from devising a general strategy for your future AI-driven business to integrating AI into your current process and system landscape!

    The evolution of artificial intelligence

    Right now, it is essential to take an in-depth look at the topic of AI to meet the demands of modern markets in the long term. A variety of developments have now made novel applications possible that would have failed just a few years ago.

    Constant improvements in algorithms

    The algorithms that are being used in AI were essentially developed several decades ago. Thanks to technical progress, these methods and concepts have gone through numerous evolutionary steps over the years and have now become more powerful than ever before.

    Explosive growth of datasets

    The most frequent problem that plagues AI projects is the lack of suitable datasets. Since increasing digitalization is generating more and more data in a wide variety of areas, however, this issue is on the decline. What’s more, an increasing number of digitalization projects are being managed in ways that make it possible to apply AI algorithms to collected data without having to put much effort into data preparation.

    Exponential increase in computing power

    As a result of constant enhancements and improvements in semiconductor technology, more demanding and CPU-intensive tasks can now be completed in nearly no time at all. In particular, the dedicated development of hardware technology for GPUs (graphical processing units) has contributed to the success of numerous trending topics in AI, such as deep learning.

    Artificial intelligence

    ...for business process automation. As a result of the above developments, today’s AI applications perform better than ever before. This means that many activities can be automated – particularly in the context of business process management – and decision-making within demanding cognitive activities can be supported and accelerated. Based on our more than 30 years of experience in digitalizing processes and applying the latest AI algorithms, you can start benefiting from our proprietary approaches today! Get in touch with us to find out more.

    Industry expertise

    • Manufacturing & automotive
    • Consumer goods & retail
    • Public & utilities
    • Finance/banking
    • Cross-industry

    Impressions from the kickoff

    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH
    • Depiction of the AI Roadshow from Scheer GmbH

      Your expert

      A profile of Scheer employee Robert Müller

      Robert Müller

      CEO Scheer PAS