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  • Supply chain management

    Supply chain management

    SCM in the age of digital transformation

    Industry 4.0, digitalization, and globalization are revolutionizing companies in areas such as product individualization, the use of virtual and augmented reality, big data, and real-time analytics.

    Is your supply chain prepared to meet these challenges? We can support you in transforming your supply chain into a powerful tool for enterprise control.

    Taking the critical success factors along your supply chain into account, we’ll develop tailored SCM solutions for your enterprise – from your suppliers to your end customers.

    Take advantage of our expertise and experience in the following topics:

    Supply chain planning

    New developments are placing new demands on planning:

    Integrated enterprise planning

    Decentralized planning in the cloud

    Detailed planning in complex networks using big data

    Supply chain optimization over the short term

    Supply chain execution

    In this context, the goal is to create a flexible, efficient, and reliable production organization. We’ll be happy to advise you on ensuring the most efficient manufacturing of the highest-quality products.

    Connected manufacturing

    Real-time analysis

    Predictive maintenance

    Supply chain logistics

    Innovative solution architectures and new technical features are opening up ways to redesign and implement new logistics processes. The keywords here:

    Cross-enterprise collaboration

    Product individualization

    Augmented reality

    Real-time status information

    Demand driven replenishment

    Scheer can help you cope with fluctuations in demand while ensuring high material availability and low capital lockup costs.

    – Philipp Portscheller, Senior Consultant Supply Chain Management

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