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Scheer Spirit

With processes in our DNA to success.

Our mission and vision

With processes in our DNA and pioneer spirit at heart we push visionary projects for a digital and worthwhile future.

Processes form the foundation of our actions. The ​success of any business depends upon their quality. Quality is what Scheer stands for.​ We are curious about innovative technologies and ​passionate about their intelligent and responsible ​implementation for our customers.​ We serve our customers as a compass pointing towards the future.​

Our company culture

Our open corporate culture is based on partnership and mutual respect, as well as communication at eye level across all hierarchical levels. Modern communication channels enable close cooperation and exchange between departments and teams across all sites.


Diversity & Gender Balance

The people in the companies of the Scheer Group live an appreciative and respectful interaction with each other in their corporate culture and attach importance to equality and diversity. The foundation for this is an open mindset! For example, 33 different nations are represented in the Scheer Group and over 30% of the employees at Scheer GmbH are women – we live diversity.

Therefore, we would like to emphasize that it is in no way our intention to upset or even discriminate against people by the wording used in our corporate communications. For reasons of better readability and customer experience alone, we have opted for a non-consciously gendered use of language in our media.

Social responsibility

Corporate, social and ecological responsibility is something that concerns everyone. Corporate Social Responsibility is therefore part of our corporate culture. At Scheer, we take responsibility for our employees and are also consciously and actively committed to environmental and climate protection – for a future worth living.