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    Efficient sales processes & smooth customer care

    Did you know that a prospective B2B buyer has no interaction with a sales contact in many cases? This means you miss a majority of all purchase decisions, or become aware of them too late to influence them. This lack of advice often leads to flawed projects or purchases that are made from other providers.

    The same thing happens when prospective customers communicate with multiple contacts at an enterprise, but these contacts are unaware of one another. This results in redundant and/or incorrect information and makes a targeted, structured sales process impossible.

    Does this sound familiar? Then let’s fix it together. An end-to-end examination of the customer journey is the key: It puts the focus on the customer and aligns everything toward creating a unique and fantastic customer experience right from the initial point of contact.

    Do you want to achieve seamless, coordinated customer service and efficient sales processes? Are you looking for a central CRM system to document and plan your customer service effectively? Do you want to know what the SAP CX portfolio has to offer? Or do you want to optimally integrate your existing SAP environment (such as SAP S/4HANA) with your CRM system and generate added value from your master data and workflows?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Scheer is the right partner for you! We can help you develop innovative, forward-thinking solutions to all these challenges. Our related workshops are tailored to your needs and deliver results you can put to use right away. With sound information about implementation, licensing, and possible operating concepts – all of which is aligned with your sales structure – we can find the perfect solutions for your department. Let’s talk!

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