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    Project management in the banking and financial services sector is becoming increasingly complex. As a result of steadily increasing regulatory requirements and the inclusion of digitalization in enterprise strategies, project managers are having to shoulder more responsibilities. Particularly where IT projects and enterprise management are involved, constantly growing supervisory requirements are the order of the day. In many cases, banks and financial service providers are having to expand their skill sets.

    There are many procedures and tools for project management on the market. Due to their variety and complexity, however, it’s nearly impossible to determine how these tools will harmonize with your enterprise goals and how you can use them to your advantage. This is where we can support you. Our project leads know that the focus of their craft lies on finding the right balance between meeting supervisory and project compliance requirements and the demands of digitalization. We’ll select a project approach that suits you and your particular project best.

    We provide comprehensive support

    Our project managers are well-versed in their methods and also bring the necessary IT and bank-specific expertise to the table. We use agile or classic methods depending on the requirements at hand. We support you in all the relevant project phases, from defining your needs and the objectives of your project all the way to its successful conclusion.

    Project management and controlling

    Risk analysis and risk management

    Stakeholder analysis/project organization

    Project planning (phases and progression)

    Quality assurance and project auditing

    Operational handover

    Method coaching

    Be better with Scheer!

    Thanks to our experienced project leads, we can provide all the project management services you need and scale our capacities in line with your company’s next undertaking – whether it's in managing programs or multiple endeavors, taking the lead in a certain project, or in connection with a project management office.

    Our project managers have completed the latest training and have years of experience under their belts in managing a wide range of project scopes in the banking and financial services sector. We are also trained and certified in a wide variety of methods, including SAFe, SCRUM, PMI, IPMA, and more. With the Scheer Group as your partner, you’ll get the perfect symbiosis of process know-how, banking expertise, and skillfully managed IT projects.

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