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    Today the success of your enterprise is highly dependent on your ability to implement operational strategies quickly, flexibly, and efficiently and adapt to market changes at an early stage – and take advantage of the opportunities they present. Powerful business process management (BPM) helps to develop, build and adapt business processes efficiently and flexible.

    With our digital transformation approach Scheer has developed a solution approach that combines the three key competency factors for dealing with digital transformation: management and methodology knowledge, industry know-how, and IT expertise.

    This method, combined with the suitable products and solutions, gives you fast, flexible implementation of your digital projects from a single source. We use the Scheer digital transformation approach to support you on your way to becoming a digital enterprise.

    Our process experts provide you with agile process management systems that let you adapt your processes dynamically and guarantee an optimal balance between process optimization and process flexibility.

    Our digital transformation approach involves the following elements:

    1. Status and requirements: coordination of critical success factor and requirements of the BPM. 
    2. Conceptualization of the target vision: definition of an operational framework for goals, performance, architecture, organization, processes, tools, and control. 
    3. Implementation: Realization of the target concept in the enterprise and organization, coordination and support for different business process aspects. 
    4. Project-related and operation-related progress and success checks. 

    How do our methods & tools support the implementation of S/4HANA?

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