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    Human Experience Management

    Digital transformation in the HXM area

    Digital transformation in the HXM area

    The working environment of HR departments is undergoing a radical change. Classic Human Capital Management (HCM) is increasingly evolving into Human Experience Management (HXM). 

    Conversion of HCM to HXM of Scheer GmbH

    Employee Engagement and Employee Experience have a causal relationship: EX influences employee engagement. If your employees experience a very positive working atmosphere due to the culture, the technology, or the physical environment in the enterprise, this can increase their engagement. If your employees have negative experiences while at work, it becomes more difficult for them to remain consistently motivated, even if they are quite happy performing the work itself.

    Representation of the HXM dimensions of Scheer GmbH

    Therefore,  to move toward HXM and a focus on people, we need to examine some new questions.​Questions like: “What makes a great experience?” and “How can technology support this experience?” The  Employee Experience concept continues to grow in importance for many companies, as evidenced by the fact that some renowned companies have already created the new role of CEEO Chief Employee Experience Officer to show how seriously they take the Employee Experience . According to a Forrester study, a growing number of HR managers consider EX to be very important to the current and future HR strategies of their companies.

    How can you manage to make employees the focus of your activities?

    • Create HR experiences that are personalized, relevant, easily accessible, and consumable. To do so, make use of effective and tailored end-to-end solutions
    • Pick up employees where they are right now and offer them resources, instructions, and ideas to help them to discover opportunities, to take positive steps, and to achieve success in their everyday work.
    • Support a continuous culture of learning, growth, feedback, and productivity
    • Turn employee feedback into specific measures, which lead to continuous innovation and which provide your employees with the flexibility to grow in line with the developing business requirements.

    Human Experience Management

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