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What is HXM?

Human Experience Management (HXM)

The field of HR is undergoing a radical change. Classic human capital management (HCM) is increasingly evolving into human experience management (HXM). HXM expands the vision of what technology can do to improve business results. This approach is a departure from the conventional view that considers employees “capital assets” whose current value can be measured in terms of investments, like other assets of an enterprise. As a result, HCM becomes HXM, Human Experience Management. ​​

Digitalization is changing the world of work and with it, the demands placed on employees and their needs. A harmonized HXM strategy that is aligned with the new action areas and opportunities is thus required.  That’s why we offer an end-to-end approach to optimization that we tailor to our customers' individual needs in HXM. We'll guide you through this important process (from strategy to implementation and operations) and work with you to find individual solutions in the areas of transformation, people and leadership, and IT and sourcing strategies.

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