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    Scheer Security Assessment

    Securely towards the digital future

    Your challenge

    The IT security situation worldwide is critical: Attacks and security incidents are at an all-time high, and currently feature very highly in the media. The amount of malicious software and the number of types of attack grows by the day, putting a company’s ability to run smoothly at risk. Ransomware, DDOS, spam and exploiting vulnerabilities are the most common attacks.

    The shift in working patterns towards remote working and hybrid working models, as well as ever-increasing demands due to regulations, make it particularly difficult for companies to keep track. This makes it all the more clear how important it is to set up a robust, well-structured IT security concept.

    Our solution

    The Scheer Security Assessment puts you one step ahead of attackers

    As part of this Security Assessment, we identify weak points and potential risks in your IT. This is how we get ahead of potential attackers and protect your valuable company data and IT infrastructure – always taking your existing security and compliance requirements into account.

    We analyze the security situation at your company in 5 days for a fixed price


    Together we audit the current security standard and measures implemented within your IT infrastructure. We pay close attention to your particular security and compliance requirements, on which the later security analysis will be based. Based on a neutral and holistic view of your existing IT infrastructure and specifications, we provide you with a quantifiable result in the form of a Secure Score and a detailed report with recommendations for action. 

    How you'll benefit

    • Holistic view of your IT infrastructure
    • Individual priority setting
    • Clear, quantifiable result
    • Detailed report
    • Recommendations for improving your security level

    The Scheer Security Assessment in 4 steps

    Why choose Scheer?

    • Many years of experience in secure operation of IT infrastructures
    • Expertise in the field of designing secure processes
    • A keen eye for potential problem areas and relevant factors
    • Familiar with the development of complex security concepts
    • Successfully passed audits and certifications within the context of various regulatory requirements
    • We are familiar with the latest technological approaches and protection measures
    • We rely on partnerships based on trust

    Further information

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