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    The Scheer professional framework

    Robert Müller
    Managing Director Scheer PAS

    “The enterprise IT has to evolve continuously, to enable the organization to use modern and future technologies profitably.”

    Robert Müller

    Scheer GmbH has developed a framework for the design of a forward-looking IT organization – or to put it another way, the business IT organization. The following chart shows the top level of a framework that links all the elements together.

    Presentation of the collaboration frameworks for the IT organization of Scheer GmbH

    This framework makes it possible to give appropriate consideration to all the relevant requirements from the enterprise strategy, as well as the demands of the different departments. The topics of business processes, enterprise culture, and other important aspects are also given appropriate consideration, to design a forward-looking enterprise/business IT organization.

    Does your enterprise need to be streamlined? We’ll give you a custom-tailored quotation for our services. Our consulting project for designing your IT organization of the future starts with a comprehensive assessment. Based on the resulting analysis and synthesis findings, we design an optimized organization that combines classic IT requirements like stability and security with innovative challenges like agility, customer-centricity, and rapid resolution. To this end, we design the suitable organizational units in IT and the business departments with the corresponding roles and positions. The collaboration model and governance are also part of the design.

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    Ein Portrait von Scheer Mitarbeiter Markus Gronerad

    Markus Gronerad

    Expert IT Management