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    Transformations must have the right change management to succeed

    A transformation project is not just about implementing new technology or software, such as SAP S/4HANA, but also about introducing everyone in the company to the change as smoothly as possible. The goal must be to maintain the active support of all employees, because they will be the ones using the technology or software. The introduction of a new software or an end-to-end process management is therefore not only a technical transformation project, but also an organizational change that should be accompanied by professional change management.

    Why change management?

    Connecting people, technology, and processes

    Scheer Organizational Change Management provides consulting services to achieve harmony between employees, technology, and processes. We specialize in guiding organizations through the changes that are triggered by new software implementations. Our know-how and many years of experience in all three areas enable us to act flexibly, fast and pragmatically.

    In addition to our structured approach, we emphasize that our consultants are communication professionals and put people at the center. After all, corporate structures are social systems and do not work like machines.

    Putting people at the center!

    Processes and digital procedures play an important role in nearly every area of a company. The introduction of a new software or an end-to-end business process management is often a bigger change than previously anticipated at the beginning of a project. When a process framework is implemented in preparation for new software such as SAP S/4HANA, its impact on how people work and collaborate is often underestimated. This may lead to frustration and rejection among employees.

    Scheer Organizational Change Management was developed to prevent this from happening and to positively accompany the effects of projects on those affected by professional change management, by

    • Providing a vision of the future model and its benefits.
    • Motivating employees and emphasizing the need to change to new forms of collaboration.
    • Navigating the transformation journey through consistent transparency of the expected changes.


    How can you implement digital change projects?

    Employees should be involved from the very beginning. We address peer groups according to how the change impacts them and which information they need. Scheer Organizational Change Management is designed along three core values to enable a structured change implementation approach:

    • User-oriented: How does the changed business environment affect the employees?
    • Focused: Where can the dynamic for the overall change within the company best be supported?
    • Process-oriented: What processes and roles can best support organizational transparency and cultural values in the adoption of end-to-end business process management?

    Your benefits with Scheer

    Holistic, people-centric approach

    Long-standing industry expertise

    Specialized expertise in the complex introduction of new technologies

    Approach with all important aspects: people, technology, processes

    The Scheer Change Management Approach enables change “by method”

    In the Change Exploration phase, the involved employees are identified, the changes are documented and their effects are analyzed. This creates the basis for professional organizational support of the transformation.

    This is followed by the Change Planning phase, in which the findings of the exploration phase are evaluated and aligned with the needs of the affected employees. Together with the company, a Change Plan for the affected employee groups including measures and a schedule are developed.

    The actual change begins with the Change Implementation phase. Consultants from Scheer support and enable your team to drive the change from employees for employees. Regular reviews of progress help to adjust the change measures as needed and thus flexibly and pragmatically address the situation and the needs of the employees.

    People are constantly evolving. Therefore, Change Monitoring begins during the implementation phase, from which also the measures for continuous learning and improvement are derived in order to strengthen the changes in the long term and sustainably.

    We see ourselves as external consultants who empower your employees to drive and systematically implement change management in your company. As process experts and methods specialists, we accompany you in your development process. The common goal is clear: a successful IT or transformation project in which the future users accept the changes and enjoy using them.

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