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    Digitalization is creating future opportunities for universities, colleges, and major research institutions to align their processes, IT, and organization sustainably and effectively. The administration is expected to provide effective, service-centric support to research, teaching, and students, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of administrative acts under consideration of myriad legal provisions, data privacy, IT security, and more. The requirements are complex and diverse.

    With their many years of industry expertise, Scheer’s process experts offer the knowledge you need to drive your digital transformation forward.

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer & Dr. Guido Ehmer
    in front of the entrance to HU Berlin

    “Digitalization makes no exception for universities. You have to master the transformation to ‘University 4.0’ to prevail in the increasingly tough national and international competition.”

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer & Dr. Guido Ehmer

    How you'll benefit

    One-stop shop: Scheer is a proven full-service partner to educational and research institutions

    Scheer has been your reliable, innovative partner for digital processes at educational and research institutions for over 30 years. We have concluded many successful SAP projects at universities and research institutions. As a leading full-service provider for SAP-based resource management, campus management, and learning management, Scheer supports higher education and research processes from design to realization and operation – as a one-stop shop.

    You concentrate on research and teaching – Scheer will take care of your digitalization.

    Scheer awarded as SAP Partner of the Year 2024 in the areas of Healthcare & Higher Education 

    As part of the Diamant initiative, SAP evaluates the performance of its partners according to several criteria in various categories. At this year's SAP Partner Info Day, Scheer GmbH was honored for the second time in a row with the Diamant Award as Partner of the Year 2024 in the areas of Healthcare & Higher Education. Scheer was also nominated as a focus partner in the Healthcare & Higher Education sales area. The process experts impressed with the successful and sustainable implementation of countless SAP projects, their in-depth process expertise and the continuous training of their employees.

    Our service portfolio

    SAP as the digital core for “University 4.0”

    SAP is the smart core for a digitalized “University 4.0”. It enables universities, colleges, and research institutions to streamline their administrative financial, purchasing, and HR processes in resource management. The academic processes for students and teachers in Campus Management and the content preparation and knowledge dissemination in Learning Management can be carried out efficiently and effectively, yet audit-compliant and data privacy compliant at the same time.


    Process-based implementation and managed services

    Resource Management

    Efficient resource processes

    • Commercial accounting
    • Budget and third-party funds management
    • Purchasing and procurement
    • Human resources
    • Building management

    Our solutions:

    Campus Management

    Integrated student lifecycle processes

    • Student management
    • Application/admissions
    • Exam management
    • Lecture management
    • Room management

    Our solution:

    • SAP Student Lifecycle Management

    Learning Management

    Tailored e-learning processes

    • Training strategy
    • Learning technologies
    • E-learning content
    • Knowledge dissemination for SAP end-users

    Our solutions:

    • Resource Management

      SAP digitalizes business processes for budget management and internal accounting, third-party funds management, purchasing and procurement, human resources, and building management for intelligent resource management in public educational and research institutions.

      SAP’s commercial/fiscal approach to accounting maps all financial, budget-related, and grant authority-specific requirements extensively and end-to-end. Among other things, this includes digital, end-to-end purchasing and procurement processes, from purchase requisition and goods receipt to invoice receipt and payment. It also covers third-party funds management for complex projects in grant and contract research, from budgeting and operation to confirmation of the use of disbursed funds. Digital process automation in invoice processing and audit-compliant digital record-keeping support the flow of information from input to approval and eventual archiving. In addition, SAP HCM digitalizes the processes for human capital management by providing solutions for the core HR functions for administration; the organization and financial settlement of professors; research staff; personnel in technology, service, and administration; and trainees and student workers – all integrated for SAP S/4HANA. Integrated cloud-based processes with an innovative user experience round out and supplement SAP resource management.

      The SAP Ariba platform is digitally transforming complete procurement processes for simple, intelligent, rule-compliant purchasing in “University 4.0”. Catalog-based purchasing processes are getting smarter for requesters, buyers, and approvers – with increased transparency and control along with lower costs and risks. Standardized processes reduce maverick buying, that is, procurement outside of the established channels. The Ariba Network adds a dynamic digital marketplace for buyers and suppliers as a collaborative, intelligent business network, enabling universities to manage the entire purchasing process – from external sourcing to invoice settlement – and control their expenses, to identify new potential for savings, and ensure a resilient supply chain.

      SAP SuccessFactors optimizes interaction between the university and its staff by focusing on the employee experience. In particular, recruiting new staff and retaining existing employees pose huge challenges to public-sector employers. SAP SuccessFactors provides powerful cloud-based solutions for core HR functions plus payroll accounting, talent management (including applicant management), employee experience management (including employee feedback and target agreements), and self services (such as time recording).

      The many individual trips by scientists and researchers are being optimized with SAP Concur for intelligent trip management in “University 4.0”. The entire process is supported efficiently and transparently: trip planning, booking, approval, and accounting. Simply and even on the go, with the app for business travelers and managers, which improves compliance by integrating internal travel expense guidelines and legal requirements. Extensive content from a variety of sources, convenient search options, and a wide range of booking options give “University 4.0” and its travelers a perfect travel experience, while at the same time cutting costs through the SAP Concur Partner Network (which includes business travel agents).

    • Campus Management

      The academic processes of campus management and SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SAP SLcM) form another effective pillar of “University 4.0”, along with resource management. SAP SLcM maps the academic processes at universities and colleges, providing IT support to the entire student lifecycle. Potential students apply via an SAP-based admissions portal, with all their application documentation, and – after review by the university – receive their acceptance letters or register for a degree program directly. When restricted-admission degree programs are involved, the university either uses the internal SAP procedure for the shared examination of the different application criteria or the interface for the “Dialog-oriented service procedure” (DoSV). Enrolled students and guest auditors receive their curricula mapped through test management, lecture management, and room management in SAP SLcM. SAP self-services give students access to payment information, diploma supplements, and transcripts of records, among other documents. They can use online requests to submit feedback, for example, or to request leave.

      Scheer has significantly enhanced the SAP SLcM standard based on its numerous projects, creating “SLcM ++”. It makes it possible to handle even mass processes and multiple majors efficiently in the SAP system. It also includes a large number of functional enhancements, for example, development of a teaching and test manager that maps the life cycle of exams and lectures based on an online course directory. As part of these enhancements, Scheer was able to map applicant management including the interface for the “Dialog-oriented service procedure” (DoSV) in SLcM ++ for the first time in Germany.

    • Learning Management

      E-learning creates a unique learning experience for your employees. The implementation of new IT systems for resource management and campus management results in changed workflows. Effective training measures are essential to ensuring that employees are prepared for changing processes in SAP as effectively as possible. Digital training, as a complement to classroom courses, deliver significant added value for satisfied staff and successful SAP system commissioning.

      With SAP Enable Now or our imc Learning Suite, Scheer offers 360° learning management to exploit the full potential of your employees and your organization.

      A learning management system unifies all learning scenarios and formats in a modular, modifiable, scalable form.
      Creative training courses with process and role-specific e-learning content ensure effective knowledge transfer and let you build process and training libraries (content management) that can be retrieved with the click of the mouse. Integrated SAP simulations enable users to individually test the previously presented course content. Context-related learning with a web assistant supports users with guided tours of the SAP system in real time.

    Our industry expertise in practice

    Dr. Ludwig Kronthaler
    Vice-President for Budget, Personnel and Technology | HU Ber

    “We are happy to have recruited Scheer for this project. They were very understanding of the interests and needs of HU Berlin.”

    Dr. Ludwig Kronthaler

    Your expert

    Ein Portrait von Scheer Mitarbeiter Dr. Guido Ehmer

    Dr. Guido Ehmer

    Expert Public, Healthcare, Utilities & Higher Education