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  • Implementation of SAP Student Lifecycle Management

    Implementation of SAP Student Lifecycle Management

    in the Innovationsverbund Campusmanagement network

    Aalen University, Stuttgart Media University (HdM), the Ulm University of Applied Sciences (THU), and Nuertingen-Geislingen University (HfWU) have formed an innovation network in the area of campus management.

    These universities share three main goals:

    • Establishing quality-oriented standards for the processes involved in the organization of teaching and learning
    • Making the service processes for students, teachers, and university administrators more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly
    • Creating an innovative technical foundation for organizational development and the further pursuit of digitalization at the universities

    Requirements and objectives of the Baden-Württemberg universities

    In their first project, selma4us, the four universities involved in the Innovationsverbund Campusmanagement network are implementing the campus management system SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) to provide systematic IT support to all the core university processes involved in the student lifecycle. In the final expansion stage, the process domains of student administration, applications, admissions, test management, course management, and room management will all be aided by IT. This endeavor represents the universities' effort to build a forward-looking innovation platform as a foundation for their further digitalization. To ensure that their limited resources (particularly in terms of staff) can be focused on performing their core duties and simultaneously offering a high level of service, the universities have outsourced the system operations to Scheer.

    Why partner with Scheer?

    To implement the project in parallel at four universities in a time frame of two-and-a-half years, the innovation network commissioned Scheer and two subcontractors, MG Consulting and Dr. Pape Consulting. The factor that gave Scheer the edge was its extensive experience with university projects, in combination with an SLcM ++ reference system that would accelerate the implementation.

    “Staying on an ambitious schedule like this in a complex joint endeavor requires innovative, cooperative project work. The universities have to be willing to strike out in a new direction. On Scheer’s side, the project work is in the hands of competent staff who know the target system inside and out and are prepared to accommodate the specific requirements of universities. The ideal partners really have found each other in the selma4us project.

    – Project manager Professor Dr. Joachim Allmendinger Nuertingen-Geislingen University

    How the universities benefit from working with Scheer

    The cornerstone has been laid for an ambitious joint project

    The first two universities – Aalen University and the Ulm University of Applied Sciences – went live with the student management module within a year. With Scheer's support, a crucial cornerstone was thus laid for the project's further activities.

    The other two universities will now be able to go live with the new student management system by mid-year based on the experiences of their partners. Meanwhile, the first two institutions will be going live with the application management process domain. The remaining process domains will then follow by the end of the year.

     “Our universities are proud to have taken the first step toward creating a new, innovative foundation for organizational development and the further pursuit of digitalization. We're certain that we'll achieve the milestones ahead, as well.”

    – Iris Teicher, Chancellor, Ulm University of Applied Sciences

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