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SAP Concur – All your travel planning processes in a single solution.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur – Booking, expense accounting, and all other business travel processes combined in a single solution. The SAP Concur platform makes travel expense management easy, transparent, and compliant – no matter when or how trips are taken. The Concur services are linked to travel providers, online travel agents, credit card companies, and various vendors – in other words, to all the places where employees spend money. Concur lets enterprises integrate their data in a single system, which can even include analysis via Concur Intelligence.

Thanks to the automated processing of travel expense accounting, employees no longer have to deal with mountains of manual paperwork, which in turn drastically reduces the error rate. This gives enterprises greater control over compliance with specifications and budgets. We also integrate our customers’ travel policies into the solution, which finally gives them full transparency in all travel plans and the associated expenses. With that, they're able to control costs, raise their compliance rate, and do away with manual checking. That means enterprises and travelers alike can concentrate on the essentials.

As an SAP Concur Service Partner, we combine 30 years of HXM expertise, SAP knowledge, and process competency with the innovative solutions in SAP Concur to help our customers gain a competitive edge.

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