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  • Sustainability Services and Solutions

    Sustainability Services and Solutions

    For sustainable, intelligent companies

    Create sustainable added value – with smart processes!

    Our core competence lies in the process-led implementation of new business models. Proper, efficient processes deliver long-term success, so they are by definition sustainable - this is the declared aim of the process experts at Scheer, which can actually be found in our mission statement. The digitalization strategies we develop with our customers reflect our holistic approach. Sustainability is no empty buzzword here, but an inherent part of our approach, through which we are supporting the transition process in business and IT architectures.

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    Our All-in-One Offerings for Your Sustainability Management

    Whether it's due to external factors like statutory regulations, demanding investors, or discerning end-users or internal factors such as a company's culture, the calls for change are only getting louder. By aligning processes end-to-end in a sustainable manner, we harmonize the necessary organizational factors, the awareness of those involved, and the implementation of the appropriate IT solutions. Set up this way, you can make your business's transformation measurable, transparent, and scalable.

    Statutory requirements aside, companies can also position themselves proactively in relation to competitors, customers, suppliers, and financial institutions. This gives them ways to attract business based on their sustainability. Companies can thus not only secure short-term business and corresponding profits, but also build up a valuable reputation with future customers. When investing in a sustainability-oriented business model, companies find they spend less, both on procurement and when repaying loans to financial institutions. 

    They can also position themselves better in the increasing battle for quality employees. On the one hand, holistic sustainability management can help a company focus on its staff and make valuable progress in this regard. At the same time, these internal efforts enable companies to make a positive outward impression on potential future employees. 

    How our customers benefit from holistic sustainability management

    We’ll support you on your own sustainability journey

    Sustainable business can only succeed if all the aspects are taken into account, which is why we consider every perspective of sustainability in a process-oriented way. We can advise you on how to comprehensively anchor sustainability goals in your organization:

    • The best approach to sustainability based on your corporate strategy
    • The best possible roadmap, factoring in the challenges your transformation presents
    • Aspects of the sustainable continuous development of your business models and E2E processes
    • Ongoing development of employees and roles across your entire organization in relation to your sustainability targets

    Best practices from Scheer PerformanceREADY – our  comprehensive, modular, process-oriented solution – that combine expert experience with a consistent approach to form an ideal package of strategy, organization, and technology

    This is how working with us will enable you to transform your current challenges into market opportunities.

    With the right mindset and the proper tools on your path to sustainability

    SAP solutions

    SAP offers a comprehensive cloud portfolio that integrates data and processes to manage carbon footprints, reduce material waste, and contribute to a more sustainable economy. And it's all backed up by the power and expertise of a global ecosystem. Using the SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises, a company’s sustainability can be measured, managed, reported on, and optimized – all with just one license.

    Integrating sustainable features will expand your core processes to cover operational and financial insights as well as empirical values. In particular, there are systems for comprehensive reporting, as well as solutions for climate change, circular economy, and social responsibility. The SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises uses solutions from the areas of holistic steering and reporting, zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

    • SAP for Sustainability Control Tower

      The Holistic Steering & Reporting area makes it possible to bundle financial and non-financial key figures into one package. This allows the data to be used for further analysis, optimization, and reporting. One central solution for this is SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

      Thanks to its modular design, the SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises can be seamlessly integrated into S/4HANA implementations and migrations or integrated into your existing IT landscape. 

    • Zero Emissions with Climate Actions

      In this area, you can manage both product-related and organizational emissions (e.g. greenhouse gases). The main systems here are SAP Product Footprint Management and SAP EHS Environment Management.

      SAP Integrated Business Planning, for example, supports you in the sustainability of your production and procurement and offers the option of integrating SAP PFM.

    • Zero Waste with Circular Economy

      When it comes to zero waste, efforts can be made and measured in the context of circular economy. You can use two primary systems – SAP Responsible Design and Production and SAP EHS Environment Management (Waste Management) – to define and control the design, procurement, production, sales, disposal, and reusability of your products.

    • Zero Inequality with Social Responsibility

      This subject area gives you the means to meet your responsibilities both along your supply chain and within your company. The main systems are SAP EHS Environment Management (Health and Safety Management, Incident Management, Occupational Health) and SAP S/4HANA for product compliance. 

    Solutions from our sustainable partner ecosystem

    Having a network that focuses on sustainability is important to us. Working with our partners, we can draw on an entire range of tools to provide you with the best possible support for your sustainability challenges. Discover the services offered by our partners:

    • With Celonis, processes become the driving force behind sustainable transformation. Data and sustainability function as one holistic system: Celonis deploys its applications to ensure sustainability in your operational processes and all along your supply chain. With the partner execution app IntegrityNext, systems can be interconnected to track sustainability metrics such as carbon emissions. These can be combined with carbon accounting platforms like Planetly or rating data like EcoVadis, as well as with a multitude of in-house systems.

    • In addition to its innovative solutions, our partner Microsoft is known for doing business in a socially and ecologically sustainable way. It has been carbon-neutral since 2012, plans to be carbon-negative by 2030, and supports the Sustainable Development Goals through proactive measures. By using modern technology such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, resources can be used more effectively to protect the climate and the environment. The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability suite includes cloud solutions that enable businesses to implement sustainable goals within the cloud.

    • Our partner OpenText has a comprehensive product portfolio that offers companies a digital basis for ethical action and sustainability. Ranging from process automation to records management, imaging solutions, file sharing tools, and email management systems, these solutions are designed to help reduce resource consumption. Processes can thus be designed to be both more efficient and easier on the environment.

    • Software AG strives to run its business in a sustainable and responsible manner, and these efforts are reflected in its solutions and services. The company's technology solutions help its customers ensure sound management practices, as well.

      Here, sustainability is made possible in terms of the three Ps – people, planet, profit – and in processes, as well. One of the main systems here is ARIS for Sustainability. In line with its “Green BPM” concept, Software AG offers a range of BPM tools for analyzing, documenting, executing, and constantly improving processes with a focus on sustainability. This enables companies to streamline their supply chains, eliminate internal bottlenecks, and provide analytics to make their operations more efficient – all using methods that are verifiable, transparent, and based on data.

    Sustainability at the Scheer Group

    We not only contribute to more sustainability externally through our services and solutions. We've made it our goal to continue moving toward greater resource responsibility internally at Scheer, as well.

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