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What is a carve-out?


When a business decides to separate or sell some of its business activities, it is called a “carve-out” (or, in some cases, a spin-off or demerger). The enterprise data from the various systems initially has to be separated and then transferred to the new system in a consistent manner. The new target system must only receive data from the carved-out organizational unit. The existing enterprise structures in materials management, sales and distribution, financial accounting, controlling, and production differ between the source and target systems. We can execute your carve-out quickly and accurately on the date that works best for you. In our approach, we'll reevaluate your existing projects and guarantee immediate usability through efficient sizing of the system architecture and rapid system provisioning on Microsoft Azure. Our expertise in process consulting, licensing strategy, and automated cloud managed services will help you get started in your carved-out division while adhering to all the necessary compliance rules.

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