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    Business Modeler

    The new Scheer PAS Business Modeler is your fast, simple guide to full process digitalization.

    ...Simple. Intuitive. Cloud-based.

    This tool makes it possible for you to model your business processes quickly and easily in graphical formats. The intuitive, web-based user interface lets you map your own processes, process landscapes, and organizational and IT data structures in just a few minutes – all the way down to the risks and requirements. The functional scope of Business Modeler, which was developed specifically for SMEs, is the result of years of experience amassed by our consultants in business process management projects.

    Scheer PAS Business Modeler

    Connecting – improves collaboration by getting business and IT departments to speak the same language

    [Translate to English:] Darstellung der Prozessmodellierung des Business Modelers von der Scheer GmbH
    [Translate to English:] Darstellung des Start Models der Prozessmodellierung von dem Business Modeler der Scheer GmbH
    [Translate to English:] Darstellung der Business Modeler BPMN von der Scheer GmbH

    Starting point for process modeling

    It’s never been easier to get started with process modeling

    Cloud-based, scalable, innovative, and simple to use. Includes support for all the necessary methods, such as: BPMN 2.0, EPM, and data and organizational views [delete] The modeling tool, which can be tailored to your individual use case, helps you improve your internal process flows and the communication between user departments and your IT department. What’s more, Business Modeler lays a foundation for subsequent process automation in the Scheer Process Automation Suite (Scheer PAS).

    This new component enables you to not only create models yourself, but also to deploy the content from Scheer performanceREADY directly in your projects. Scheer performanceREADY is the modular solution from Scheer GmbH for flawless SAP solutions and efficient projects.

    [Translate to English:] Darstellung der Modellteypen des Business Modelers von der Scheer GmbH
    Selection of the available model types


    Save time

    through collaborative work and automated analyses

    Save money

    lower costs by using Cloud Jump Start to ensure streamlined projects


    Fast access and single point of truth


    Get started right away without any training


    Individually extensible to new use cases


    Foundation for process automation in the Scheer PAS Suite


    Foundation for agile working


    Improved collaboration between business and IT

    Trial access to Scheer PAS Business Modeler

    Start your free trial now!

    Ask about your non-binding trial access to Scheer PAS Process Modeler. Your access will automatically expire after four weeks.

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    Business Modeler

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