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  • Test Management and Quality Assurance

    Test Management and Quality Assurance

    Comprehensive test and quality assurance approach for your projects

    Quality doesn't happen by chance. It can be planned.

    With the right test strategy and approach, you can create the basis for successful test management and optimal quality assurance.

    A test concept that takes into account your project approach – whether classic or agile – and incorporates best practices as well as the latest trends and developments is the basis for efficient test management and successful test automation.

    Scheer offers an integrated approach and a comprehensive service portfolio, which makes us the ideal partner for test management in your projects. In doing so, we rely on the best practices and knowledge we've assembled in the comprehensive solution Scheer performanceREADY and can also support you in the creation of test scenarios for SAP implementations. We combine process-oriented thinking, industry-specific expertise, and in-depth cloud knowledge for test management, as well.

    Project Planning and Quality Assurance

    Test strategy consulting

    Definition and development of customer-specific test strategies and quality objectives

    Test Management & Test Tool Implementation

    Selection of the right test organization, test tool evaluation, definition of test management processes and their integration throughout the application lifecycle

    Optimization of Test Management Processes

    Analysis of test processes and identification/realization of optimization potential

    Test Conception

    Selection of the appropriate test approach, structure of the test organization, definition of acceptance criteria and test metrics, project-specific characteristics of the test processes

    Test Planning & Preparation

    Test planning, description of test cases, definition of quality gates, and determination of the necessary test environment

    Test Performance & Automation

    Test coordination, test documentation, test reporting, feasibility and performance audit of test automation

    Operational Test Management

    1. Test Conception

    • Methods & approach
    • Quality criteria
    • Test objectives
    • Test organization

    2. Test Planning & Preparation

    • Test planning
    • System infrastructure
    • Test case creation
    • Test data acquisition

    3. Test Automation

    • Feasibility check
    • Technology & tool support
    • Test automation

    4. Test Performance

    • Test coordination
    • Test documentation
    • Test evaluation
    • Test completion

    Agile Test Management

    Agile methods reduce development cycles and increase the frequency of completion at the same time – but they also present test teams with various challenges. Due to shorter processing times compared to a classic project approach, testers are required to work closely with the development teams and to use development-related tools. People involved in testing also need to be integrated into the agile project structures.

    Our experienced consultants and test experts will support you in test management in agile projects and ensure the necessary test automation.

    Automated Testing

    SAP Solution Manager is a license-free part of every SAP solution landscape. Many of the functions it offers – such as the comprehensive documentation of business processes or the logical use for transparent test management – are thus available free of charge. Further functions are also provided depending on the maintenance contract in question. Starting at the Enterprise Support level, for example, automated testing can also be used free of charge. This relieves employees in user departments because they no longer have to be involved in every upgrade.

    The creation of "test scripts" involving user departments supports daily routine operations. This also makes valuable documents available for training new users and coaching experienced ones. Test automation based on the created scripts offers long-lasting relief for specialists.

    Test Suite

    The test suite available in SAP Solution Manager offers a wide range of options for test planning, execution, and reporting. They make tests transparent and comprehensible while revealing potential and necessary improvements.

    Testing with SAP Solution Manager also identifies any gaps or the need for additions in solution documentation – and vice versa. The key areas of solution documentation and test management are often the responsibility of the same people, although there definitely also needs to be independence. We'll be happy to impart our many years of experience to you.

    Test automation is being used increasingly in test management due to ever shorter release cycles. SAP Solution Manager also supports it with corresponding solutions. The further options of Process Change Analyzer and Scope and Effort Analyzer may be of interest in this context. These functions show the business areas affected by changes to the solution and also provide a direct estimate of any effort required. Ideally, this can save countless hours of testing.

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