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    From customer acquisition to purchase transaction

    Darstellung von Lead-to-Cash Prozesse

    The Lead-to-Cash process covers all subprocesses from initial contact with prospective buyers to generating sales for the enterprise and involves departments such as marketing, sales, logistics, and even financial accounting. Digitalization has radically changed the expectations and purchasing decision process of your customers, requiring you to be more customer-centric than ever. Industry-specific versions are also possible. Our comprehensive best-practice solution Scheer performanceREADY contains many process variants to meet your specific needs.

    These include the Order-to-Cash (O2C) process, which encompasses all activities from ordering to payment receipt. The O2C process involves a number of different departments and is usually processed in silos within organizations. As such, this process faces many challenges with regard to transparency and efficient collaborative work – factors that have a huge influence on internal costs, as well as customer satisfaction.

    Optimizations such as Process Mining can help you to identify business opportunities in your processes and identify friction that prevents important results such as on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

    By improving the quality of your processes, you speed up the conversion of quotations to orders, increase your on-time delivery performance, and reduce returns due to incorrect deliveries. What’s more, transparency over your business processes also enables extensive root cause analysis.

    At Scheer, we support you in improving your sales processes. We’ll work together with you to develop an optimal, integrated end-to-end process in sales and implement the matching technical solutions for you. With our process expertise, we understand the challenges you face in your business environment and present modern solution approaches to improving the quality of your processes. Many customers rely on a variety of SAP solutions to optimize their processes – we can provide optimal support. SAP C/4HANA, for example, guarantees seamless integration of all customer-facing processes, enabling you to create a unique customer experience. In other areas, SAP Sales Cloud lets you create effective, efficient processes in sales and distribution.

    As our customer, you will benefit from a fast, modern sales process. New input channels such as mobile, the use of electronic data interchange, and self-service portals help you create a process with fewer manual steps, strengthening your business and ultimately improving your market position.

    With Scheer, you’re always there no matter where your customers are!

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