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    Customer Experience Suite

    Customers' expectations and decision-making when it comes to purchases have changed radically as a result of digitalization. Now more than ever, you need to focus on exciting your customers across all the relevant sales channels.

    SAP C/4HANA stands for seamless integration of all customer-facing processes – and it's especially smooth and flexible when combined with the SAP Business Technology Platform. Use SAP C/4HANA and we can create a one-of-a-kind customer experience together!

    Our portfolio

    Create a customer journey that's based on empathy and trust.

    SAP C/4HANA – the industry-leading cloud solution portfolio that helps make your enterprise agile, innovative, and integrated.

    Be where your customers are – always

    SAP Sales Cloud

    Sales channels are shifting and opinions are exchanged over the Internet in seconds. Are you in a position to respond?

    Your sales specialists need constant access to the right information and customer data no matter where they are. SAP Sales Cloud supports all the phases of your sales life cycle in line with your specific needs to help you sell more efficiently and effectively. It combines user friendliness with flexibility and integrates seamlessly into your existing SAP system landscape. Users from sales, service, and marketing benefit from a modern solution that's also available on smartphones and tablet PCs. Optimize your processes with SAP Sales Cloud and C/4HANA.

    How you'll benefit:

    • Sales automation
    • Sales performance management
    • Intelligent sales
    • Increased sales through mobility
    • Part of a comprehensive customer experience suite
    • Prepared integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
    • Productivity gains through machine learning in sales and service
    • GDPR-compliant hosting in Germany
    • Mobile apps with industry-leading offline capabilities
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    Simplified service

    SAP Service Cloud

    The orientation of your service organization is a key factor in the success of all your CRM activities. Your customers expect outstanding service before, during, and after a purchase.

    Set yourself apart from the competition: Increase your sales by answering all customer inquiries quickly and simply across all channels and responding appropriately to customer complaints at all times to ensure satisfaction throughout every customer relationship.
    The important elements of C/4HANA include self-service portals for customers, a modern ticket management system with intuitive UIs, and integrated field service control.

    You can thus create a service experience that turns problems into positive encounters and strengthens your customers’ trust in you.

    How you'll benefit:

    • AI chat bot
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Knowledge base
    • Customer service history
    • Offline mobility
    • Crowd service
    • AI dispatching
    • Customer self-service

    For long-term customer retention

    SAP Commerce Cloud

    Today, your customers decide for themselves when, where, and how they want to shop. They expect a seamless, consistent, personalized shopping experience. Whether in the form of a website or a smartphone app, your online store is probably becoming the main place where you do business. This is where SAP Commerce Cloud can support you as a flexible platform that can used as a web shop, a source of information, and a self-service center. It thus supports both B2C and B2B scenarios.

    All this is made possible by the shop front-end Spartacus, which is integrated into SAP Commerce Cloud. In this way, C/4HANA helps you integrate all your channels and processes even better in order to build long-term customer relationships. Extensive features let you contact and interact with customers – anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The new front-end does this using the Angular framework, which adapts flexibly to different screen sizes to give customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

    The integration of Spartacus has separated the front and back ends of SAP Commerce Cloud, which now communicate with one another via APIs. As an added benefit, the front end can be linked with other SAP products through the SAP Business Technology Platform. Meanwhile, the back end of SAP Commerce Cloud can also interact with other SAP products. Thanks to integration with SAP Sales Cloud and/or SAP Marketing Cloud, you'll have your customers covered from every angle.

    To complete the shopping experience on the back end, we recommend integration with SAP S/4HANA (SAP ERP) in scenarios like these. This creates a closed loop that includes everything from customer orders to the delivery of goods. In addition to creating purchase orders in the ERP system, it's possible to trigger the necessary production process. Additional options such as installment payments can also be covered by SAP S/4HANA. Another benefit of SAP S/4HANA integration is that the product catalog, which is often confusing in SAP S/4HANA, can be displayed more clearly in your web shop through product content management (PCM). This can also be used to support field sales. When sales employees use a web shop to configure products for a business customer, the products can be presented directly on site.

    This new front-end technology and the proven SAP Commerce Cloud back end create an entirely new customer experience because they not only ensure the omnichannel capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud; they also cover all the transactions that can be involved (searches, purchases, returns, and services). SAP Commerce Cloud is also the best way to respond to growing business segments thanks to its simple scalability.

    Win your customers over with clever, flexible solutions as you work toward the best possible customer experience.

    How you'll benefit:

    • B2C and B2B commerce including the Spartacus web/app front end
    • Communication between front end and back end via API
    • Context-specific customer targeting through personalized product suggestions, search results, and landing pages
    • Consolidated, consistent product content management
    • Order management with real-time order and inventory data and support for multiple warehouses and suppliers
    • Worry-free hosting in the cloud (enterprise class)
    • Short time to market and high scalability
    • Reduced operating costs thanks to one central platform
    • Customizable front-end shops
    • Integration with SAP Cloud Platform and other cloud products
    • Omnichannel integration

    Interact with your customers on their terms

    SAP Marketing Cloud

    Consolidate and combine all your customer data while retaining the ability to address everyone individually – that’s modern marketing with SAP C/4HANA. Create complex segmentations from millions of data records in seconds and reach every customer in their preferred setting. Coordinate your campaigns and their execution centrally from SAP Marketing Cloud. Interact with your customers from the same solution and record their responses automatically. With that, you'll have a closed loop that covers all your channels.

    SAP Marketing Cloud not only supports you in the simple, dynamic definition of your customer segments. Its machine-learning features can also help you choose the right times and channels for interacting with your customers. Marketing with SAP Marketing Cloud: With enhanced customer profiles and an individualized customer approach, you'll be able to create the best customer experiences.

    Individual and personalized – for increased demand and growth and long-term customer relationships.

    How you'll benefit:

    • Dynamic contact profiles
    • Segmentation
    • Campaigns and marketing analyses
    • Lead management and enrichment
    • A better understanding of customers through advanced analytics tools with machine learning
    • Faster responses to market opportunities (the right offer for the right customer at the right time)
    • Rapid solution implementation in the cloud with integration preparation
    • High-security data centers (compliance, backups, etc.)

    Trust and GDPR-compliant transparency

    SAP Customer Data Cloud

    In addition to trust, the necessary transparency in your customer data is key to your customer relationships. Here, SAP Customer Data Cloud acts as the foundation for your CRM processes and the SAP C/4HANA Suite.

    Trust – The consensus-based data model gives your customers full access to their own profiles, enabling them to manage things like their contact preferences and granted consent themselves. In addition to your customers and your marketing and sales team, this is sure to make your GDPR data protection officer happy.

    Transparency – With SAP Customer Data Cloud, you can create a “single point of truth” with all the relevant customer data across all systems, channels, and devices.

    How you'll benefit:

    • Standardized management of marketing consent forms and customer preferences
    • Trust and customer loyalty through a consensus-based model
    • Ensures GDPR compliance (even if guidelines change)
    • Single point of truth for all customer data and analyses
    • The chance to turn anonymous users into a loyal customer base
    • The ability to merge customer data (from web shops and social media profiles, for example) and break down data silos

    SAP C/4HANA explained in 20 minutes

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