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SAP Logistics Business Network

Optimize cooperation with your business partners

SAP Logistics Business Network

Connected or convoluted– how do you manage your supply chain?

Due to the inclusion of many new players, the management of enterprise logistics is becoming increasingly complex. This also makes it increasingly difficult to maintain transparency and control over your own supply chain. The features of SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) help you master these specific challenges. In the cloud-based LBN, your processes interact directly with your business partners. SAP LBN provides you with essential information and increases the transparency in your logistics chain.

As a result, you'll find it easier to make decisions while also reducing costs. What’s more, the solution integrates seamlessly withSAP S/4HANA.

SAP LBN provides three independent solutions:

  • Global track and trace
  • freight collaboration
  • and material traceability


Global track and trace

  • Benefit from real-time insights into material and product availability and reduce your supply chain risks.
  • Gain transparency in your supply chain through cloud-based tracking information.
  • Give your customers the possibility to track their current order processing status.

Freight collaboration

  • Improve the efficiency of your supply chain through fast communications between shippers and freight forwarders.
  • Benefit from sharing documents (tenders, invoices, milestone confirmations) and joint administration of transactions.
  • Take advantage of connectivity and monitor your supply chain.

Material traceability

  • Trace the genealogy of your materials and reduce quality issues.
  • Track the origin of your raw materials or products with just a few clicks.
  • Make your supply chain even more sustainable by giving your customers the precise information they need to make sustainable decisions.

Your benefits at a glance

Source: SAP

Capture the benefits of a business network

With SAB LBN, you are instantly connected with all business partners and can share information efficiently and in real time.

Increase customer satisfaction

Problems with order fulfillment can be eliminated through extensive analysis and appropriate response measures. This in turn speeds up sales order processing and increases customer satisfaction. Reliable handling of recalls is guaranteed in the event of product defects.

Source: SAP
Source: SAP

Cut costs

Reduce costs in the areas of integration, collaboration, and information sharing. Once a user is activated in the network, no separate interfaces are needed to exchange data with business partners. This significantly simplifies and accelerates communication.

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