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  • Easy Cloud Migration

    Easy Cloud Migration

    Is your infrastructure falling apart? Have you been hacked? Is your IT too expensive or unscalable? Let us help you move it into the cloud!

    Easy Move the easy way to the cloud 

    How you'll benefit:

    • Maximum flexibility and scalability
    • The innovative possibilities of the cloud in relation to your business
    • Cost reductions in short order
    • The ability to get a handle on security, compliance, high availability, and disaster recovery in a cost-effective manner

    We've already accompanied customers from a wide range of industries down this very road. With our Microsoft-certified administrators and architects, we can also migrate your existing data center to the cloud –smoothly, cost-effectively, and securely!

    Are you subject to PCI-DSS, BaFin or GxP conformity?

    No problem for us!

    Cloud solutions tailored to your needs

    Data center migration – tailored to your specific industry and individual needs.

    Successful migration to the cloud is just the beginning! Based on our years of experience, we'll provide you with cloud infrastructure with which you can overcome challenges immediately, both now and in the future. We'll carry out your data center migration in three main phases:

    • We'll analyze your infrastructure, business, and existing data center within just one day –
      and you'll get the results immediately.

    • We'll create a plan for you that includes all the labor, costs, and scheduling in just two days . We'll also identify the most efficient migration option for you.

    • We can complete your cloud migration efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely in just four weeks !

    Your data center migration with Scheer

    Cloud migration – why choose Scheer?

    Migration in

    four weeks

    Fast ROI

    < 9 Months

    A wealth of experience

    A large number of clients have already made the move to the cloud with Scheer


    Microsoft-certified administrators and architects will supervise your migration project

    Large number of servers

    Thousands of servers are already running in the cloud

    Your expert

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    Martin Rosahl

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