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    Darstellung von Source-to-pay Prozesse

    Current topics like Industry 4.0 and globalization, as well as the essential optimization of value chains, require end-to-end process integration and greater efficiency in procurement and supplier management.

    Source-to-Pay is an end-to-end process that starts with supplier search and contract negotiations. This is followed by the procurement process, which ultimately concludes with a payment. Efficient procurement is a key driver for your business success.

    As such, an important subprocess is the Procure-to-Pay/Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process.It includes all activities from purchase requisition to triggering the purchase order and from goods receipt to invoice receipt and invoice payment.

    As business complexity grows, procurement processes become increasingly complex and inflexible – making it difficult for enterprises to enforce transparency and control on their procurement. In addition, a variety of IT systems is often used to handle these processes, creating media discontinuities and inconsistencies that in turn require a large manual effort to rectify.

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    Individual, custom-tailored processes are essential for your enterprise to meet current demands. At Scheer, we provide reliable support throughout your project – from a functional analysis using Process Mining to process design and the implementation and further development of the processes. We can support you with the different SAP Ariba solutions, among others. 

    Optimization of approval processes

    Reduction of corrections

    Identifying maverick buying

    Increasing on-time delivery performance

    Avoiding lost cash discounts

    Increasing the degree of automation

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