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  • OpenText™ and Scheer

    OpenText™ and Scheer

    Document-based business processes with industry expertise

    Document-based business processes with
    OpenText™ solutions @Scheer

    In addition to our expertise in business processes, Scheer covers document-based processes to support you with OpenText™ solutions. These skills, combined with our knowledge of SAP and various sectors, enable us to offer you unique services in optimizing and accelerating your document-based processes across a wide range of industries.

    This ensures your compliance with the applicable regulations and makes it easier for you to access documents, accelerate processes and take pressure off your employees. OpenText™ solutions enable you to optimize a multitude of document-based business processes.

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    How you'll benefit

    Elena Krstevska
    Consulting Expert

    “At Scheer, we can support all your document-based processes and archive solutions, including capture and workflows. You'll also benefit from our industry expertise in our core industries!"

    Elena Krstevska

    Increase efficiency

    • Improved process efficiency: unstructured content in the context of SAP business processes is made easily accessible and collaboration is promoted
    • Central remote access and collaboration capabilities create clarity, e.g. within the HR department

    Achieve lower total cost of ownership

    • Low implementation risk, reduced upgrade effort, and lower TCO
    • Seamless integration with each user's preferred applications and user interfaces, for example, ensures high user adoption and avoids significant training cost

    Reduce risks

    • Solutions provide an unparalleled level of consistency and control by leveraging SAP data, structures, and permissions to organize and categorize unstructured content
    • Minimize the risk associated with unstructured content by providing clarity and controllability
    • Enables compliant document management, document creation and sophisticated records management

    Invoice-to-pay (I2P)

    The process from invoicing to payment

    Here, incoming invoices are processed and captured (that is, scanned, recognized, and assigned) automatically. The resulting benefits for companies include discounts and significant reductions in process costs. One special feature is the support for XRechnung, which is especially relevant to public authorities and European standards.

    Procure-to-pay (P2P)

    The process from procurement to payment

    This OpenText™ solution provides full support for the life cycle of typical purchasing documents – from entry to provision and eventual archiving or deletion. Such documents include order confirmations, outline agreements, individual contracts and purchase orders. This enables you to optimize your approval processes and reduce corrections, which in turn leads to savings.

    Order-to-cash (O2C)

    The process from a purchase order to payment

    This covers all the aspects of processing and managing sales document types from entry to provision and eventual archiving or deletion – for quotations, queries, outline agreements and order confirmations, for example. You can then leverage faster processing times to improve your customer relationships, ensure timely deliveries and increase efficiency.

    Hire-to-retire (H2R)

    The process from the beginning to the end of a working relationship

    This is a digital record solution for managing employee-related documents throughout a working relationship (and beyond). The focus is on the correct management of digital personnel files. This increases the level of information security for this specific type of personal employee data, and all sensitive personnel documents are stored in a secure central location. This process is relevant for employment contracts, references, pay statements and DEÜV notifications, for example.

    OpenText solutions

    • OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

      The solution is the industry leader for invoice management and processing. As an integral part of SAP, Vendor Invoice Management includes preconfigured rules, roles and actions to fully automate invoice receipt and posting. The solution goes far beyond finance; it also includes order confirmations, delivery bills, sales orders and remittances.

    • OpenText™ Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions

      A reliable solution for capturing any type of incoming information. It is based on a patent-pending machine learning algorithm. This solution fully automates data collection processes.

    • OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions

      This solution integrates with SAP systems to manage both structured and unstructured data efficiently, securely and compliantly. The solution helps SAP users manage large volumes of information with a minimum of effort and resources. It is available in on-premises and cloud editions. SAP users get a complete view of data and documents in both classic SAP GUI transactions and SAP Fiori apps. There, they can do their work more efficiently by leveraging the seamless integration of document management features such as viewing, scanning, and creating documents within the SAP Fiori interface.

    • OpenText ECM for SAP

      This is a complete suite of ECM functions designed and optimized for deep integration with SAP enterprise applications. The application has functions for managing diverse types of content. It combines secure and automated document capture, storage and organization with archiving, data storage, records management and imaging capabilities. It also provides team collaboration features, content-driven workflows, and search and retrieval capabilities.

    • OpenText ECM for Success Factors

      SuccessFactors Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText (SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM by OpenText) is a private cloud platform for managing HR documents that support organizations from employee hiring to retirement. Special features of the solution include on-premise integration with the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution. This solution supports the complete end-to-end process for creating, storing and managing HR documents as part of the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio.

    • Document Presentment application by OpenText for SAP S/4HANA

      This solution maximizes the impact of customer communications. Documents are created automatically and can be presented in dynamically customizable formats to diverse customers, partners, suppliers and employees. This simultaneously increases process efficiency and reduces document-related costs.

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