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    Practical insights for real-world scenarios – professional training courses on digital transformation

    Scheer Academy offers professional training for managers and employees. With our extensive experience and expertise in the areas of SAP implementation, project management, business process management, change management, and IT management, we support companies in promoting their most important assets – their employees. This is how we can assist you in increasing your competitiveness and securing your future success.

    Our Promise

    field-tested knowledge

    Our instructors for management topics such as digital transformation or strategic IT management are happy to share their methodological and field-tested knowledge of important management issues.

    Current state of the art

    Our business process management consultants will impart their expertise on the current state of the art and methods for optimizing business processes in various areas of your company.


    Our project management trainers are certified and experienced senior consultants and coaches who are very familiar with the various classic and agile project-management standards (PMI, PRINCE2, agile project management, etc.) recognized around the world.

    Scheer Academy is home to SAP experts who have the training necessary to pass on their knowledge. Our customers' employees then receive in-person training on a given SAP module from their own implementation consultants. SAP consultants develop the further training content and formats (such as e-learning courses) in accordance with an agreed-upon training concept. This creates synergies for our customers when it comes to learning how new aspects of business processes are mapped in SAP. The target-group-specific curricula, as well as their content and measures, are adapted to the progression of the project in question.

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    The way in which Scheer's companies work together enables us to leverage synergies between experienced consultants and trainers of Scheer GmbH, products and e-learning solutions from IMC AG, and research approaches of the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute (AWSi).

    This is how we incorporate extensive experience and current knowledge from our various business areas into our training courses. With Scheer, you can count on the following:

    Our trainer team for digital transformation

    Sabina Jekubik

    Head of Scheer Academy

    • Over 20 years of experience
    • Project management
    • PMI-certified PMP since 2008

    Dr. Sabine Wilfling

    Principal Consultant

    • Over 10 years of experience
    • Business process management
    • Digital transformation
    • Project and change management

    Markus Gronerad

    Unit Leader, IT Management / Management Consulting

    • Over 20 years of experience
    • IT project management
    • Head of IT organizations
    • IT consulting
    • Enterprise architecture management

    Hans-Peter Baumann

    Unit Leader, Business Process Management

    • Over 13 years of experience
    • Business process management
    • Enterprise architecture management
    • Project management according to PMI
    • Agile project methods
    • SAP project methods

    Andre Salahi

    Principal Consultant

    • Extensive experience
    • Software project management
    • IT & system integration architecture
    • Software development
    • PMI-certified PMP | agile PM | Scrum

    Knowledge from experience. Why not find out for yourself how skilled and experienced our trainers are?

    Here, you can read about just a few of the projects we've worked on in various industries and areas of focus.

    Participant Testimonials

    The seminar was very exciting and extremely relevant for the participants. The PMI processes provide a guide and procedural model that help you manage your own projects, and thus promote professional project management that benefits all the partners involved.

    - Tom Thaler

    This high-quality seminar broadens your horizons and offers extensive insights into professional project management. It was one of the best I've ever attended – highly recommended, and not only for economists.

    - Alexander Heil

    This was a very interesting and goal-oriented course that provided an ideal and appropriate overview of PM. The instructors were highly motivated and experienced, and you won't find better teaching methods anywhere else. I definitely recommend this course.

    - Ralf Krüger

    The seminar/training course was held in a professional manner. The content was simple, understandable, and communicated via various media. I really liked how you and your colleagues were so open and respectful. Overall, I highly recommend this as an introduction to project management!

    - Zsoit Szabo

    The Simultrain PM training course I took as a supplement to the related serious game was a sensational experience. You wouldn't normally describe a project management training program as captivating, instructive, or addictive. You're guaranteed to learn something, which is probably due to how the course is compact and constantly asks you to make decisions. That's something that gets you excited and motivated to work in PM.

    - Tobias Greff, Research Professional, AWSi

    I was already interested in the topic, but your training course was what really made me start dealing more intensively and systematically with project management. I now work as a project manager in the PMO and give project management training courses myself; I'm very satisfied with the path I've taken. I just wanted to say thank you for holding such a good course back then.

     - Dr. Sebastian Bremm, Fresenius Netcare GmbH

    Further Information on Scheer Academy

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    Sabina Jekubik

    Expert Scheer Academy