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    Companies are subject to constant changes that can impact business processes right down to the workflows that are carried out on a daily basis. Employees are having to come to terms with increasing digitalization and the use of innovative technologies in shorter and shorter cycles.

    Specific learning processes and controlled learning practices are thus required in order to familiarize the relevant employees with such innovations quickly and efficiently.

    Scheer Academy's training courses use modern training methods and innovative forms of knowledge transfer in which digital learning concepts supplement or replace in-person training. For example, participants in e-learning courses can gain the necessary knowledge through self-study whenever and wherever they wish. They can also be supervised by an e-tutor. On this basis, they deepen their knowledge in a virtual classroom or during in-person training with the help of an expert by means of case studies and exercises.

    Scheer Academy supports its customers in the efficient dissemination of knowledge about changes at their companies, thus ensuring that employees apply these changes faster and more reliably.

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    "Knowledge has become a competitive factor. Keeping pace with the constant renewal of knowledge now requires a 'learning organization'."

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    Blended Learning

    In this new format, we combine the advantages of different teaching aids used in in-person training and e-learning. We thus maximize the time and cost efficiency of training courses for our participants while ensuring a high quality of learning and sustainable knowledge transfer. The combination of different learning concepts in different training formats forms the basis of ongoing knowledge transfer and its application in practice.

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