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  • Cloud Advisory

    Cloud Advisory

    You're looking for a secure, cost-effective way to move to the cloud. But which cloud strategy is the right one for you?

    Start your cloud journey with the right partner

    While the cloud does offer many possibilities, it is also complex and fast-moving. With so many offerings on the market, how do you find the right cloud strategy? And how do you integrate it efficiently into your existing processes? There's no universal answer, but with the right partner at your side who fully understands the complexity of the topic, you too will find the appropriate strategy.

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    Trust Scheer to provide the right cloud consulting

    Ideal solutions

    We offer a universal entry point for every customer situation and deliver pinpoint solutions.

    Broad network

    You'll benefit from partnerships with our cloud partners and companies from the Scheer Innovation Network.


    Besides having successfully implemented numerous projects for our customers, we've completed our own cloud transformation, as well.

    We're process experts who pursue a holistic cloud vision while combining process-oriented thinking with in-depth expertise in both the cloud and specific industries. Trust our experienced consultants: As part of the Scheer cloud journey, we offer a comprehensive cloud advisory portfolio and can develop a customized cloud strategy together with you. We'll accompany you on your journey to the cloud in line with your individual needs and requirements.

    Cloud Advisory Programs

    Safeguard the success of your cloud journey with our Cloud Advisory programs

    Our cloud advisory portfolio offers everything you need to pack before embarking on your secure, efficient journey into the cloud.

    Let's work together to find the right cloud strategy for you

    Along with their own very specific needs and wishes, companies have different cloud maturity levels and face a wide variety of situations. When it comes to the cloud, however, one thing is certain: It's always good to have a guide. Thanks to our three "travel packages" and the elements they contain for moving to the cloud, we'll be able to find the right strategy to meet your needs. Why not work with us on defining all the services you require and identifying the most efficient approach?

    • Enterprise Architecture

      The first step in planning any journey is to determine your destination. When moving to the cloud, the definition of your concrete corporate goals is a crucial starting point. Within the Enterprise Architecture program, the individual components of your enterprise architecture and your future goals are examined with a focus on processes. This forms the basis for a comprehensive concept for your cloud journey.

    • Workforce Enablement

      A well-versed crew is also vital to ensuring that you arrive at your desired destination. As in most other situations, the success of your journey to the cloud will be determined by your employees. In the Workforce Enablement program, your crew will be optimally prepared for the road ahead using numerous methods and tools that are designed to motivate them, equip them with new skills, and help them deal with change.

    • Cloud Security & Compliance

      As on every journey, security is of elementary importance when migrating to the cloud. With the aid of delta assessment, the Cloud Security & Compliance program identifies technical security risks and regulatory requirements. This then forms the basis for the development of a security and compliance concept tailored individually to your needs.

    • Cost Management

      Costs play a fundamental role in every journey, and it’s no different when it comes to the cloud. Innovative usage-based billing models open up completely new possibilities in this context. The potential of comprehensive cost control and recommendations on the continuous optimization of investments are identified in the Cost Management program.

    • Migration Management

      In order to get to your destination, you need a solid plan, a functioning navigation system, and a reliable means of transport. in the Migration Management program, our specialists will use state-of-the-art migration tools to move your systems into the cloud quickly and securely while minimizing the impact on your business operations.

    • Innovation Potential

      IT systems are subject to constant change. As a result, the cloud journey will require additional stages in the future. In the Innovation Potential program, new functions, features, and services in the cloud are highlighted at an early stage to enable optimum alignment of your IT strategies and projects.

    Cloud traveler types

    What kind of traveler is your company?

    • The interested beginner

      Status quo:

      • A cloud transformation is essential to your future.
      • You may already be using individual cloud services,
      • but haven’t yet defined a clear cloud strategy.

      We'll provide all the guidance you need and handle the planning and implementation of your cloud journey.
      During the implementation process, we'll work through the defined phases and elements one by one.

      Depiction of Maturity Level 1: Cloud Advisory by Scheer GmbH
    • The advanced user

      Status quo:

      • Your cloud strategy is not yet fully defined.
      • The transformation has not yet started at your company.

      Together, we'll tailor your cloud journey to your wishes and needs. We'll define clear goals and framework conditions while enabling you to determine the time frame yourself. Meanwhile, a high degree of flexibility will make it possible to implement adjustments during the journey.

      Depiction of Maturity Level 2: Cloud Advisory by Scheer GmbH
    • The experienced professional

      Status quo:

      • You're committed to a comprehensive cloud-first strategy.
      • The transformation is already in full swing at your company.
      • There are just a few individual elements missing before you can fully implement your cloud strategy.

      During your cloud journey, we'll always be available to advise you on missing or urgently needed elements.

      Depiction of Maturity Level 3: Cloud Advisory by Scheer GmbH

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