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    Processes are the key to successful digitalization. Innovations and measures for optimizing business models, processes, and the IT organization can help prepare enterprises for the future and its constantly changing market and customer demands. During a digital transformation, business processes have to be digitalized completely for an enterprise to remain competitive. In this context, the analysis and optimization of business IT alignment, the IT organization, IT delivery, and organizational change management are also very important.

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    For enterprises, this means continual adaptation of their strategies, value chains, and – above all – processes. Today, success is highly dependent on your ability to implement operational strategies quickly, flexibly, and efficiently and adapt your processes to react to market changes at an early stage – and take advantage of the opportunities they present.

    Some enterprises have difficulties with assessing the impact of the digital revolution, however, and taking the necessary measures – particularly when this involves developing digital strategies and new business models or adapting existing strategies and models.

    That’s why digital transformation of an enterprise must be recognized as a holistic task that affects every department. This requires competent support for the entire transformation process, with the right strategy and a focus on process optimization, which is essential a systematic, integrated approach.

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