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SAP ARM – Advanced Returns Management


Efficient, transparent processing of returns with SAP ARM

Advanced Returns Management (ARM) is a component of SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. It supports the integrated handling of returns. To provide this support, existing functions from the logistics components (such as shipping and Materials Management) were enhanced with new features. Cockpit transactions provide information about the worklist and processing status. Workflows enable the automated generation of necessary follow-on documents. These integrated document flows not only improve transparency between the involved departments, but also with regard to customers and suppliers.

Returns-specific input screens

ARM-relevant documents contain additional fields that can be used to describe the circumstances of a return. A variety of these parameters also refers to later steps, for example, indicating what to do in case of a warehouse receipt or whether a certain form of compensation (such as a credit memo) is favored.

Example of a returns order in Sales and Distribution

Cross-application document flow

The status of a transaction can be determined quickly, thanks to the returns overview. To create it, an ARM-specific document flow was created that contains all the relevant system documents across all applications. These documents are updated even when a change of organization (to another plant, for example) is required in the course of processing.

Example of the returns overview

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