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  • RISE with SAP – start with Scheer

    RISE with SAP – start with Scheer

    Wherever you are, wherever you want to be – we are by your side.

    What does RISE with SAP stand for?

    Transformation according to your terms and your schedule! RISE with SAP brings together solutions and services that you need to transform your business
    in one package – regardless of where you are with your business now or wherever you want to develop your business.


    What does RISE with SAP mean for you as a customer?

    It is essential for the resilience of your company that you continuously adapt your business. In this way, you can meet the constantly changing requirements of the market and your customers. In order to successfully pass this evolution in your company in the long term, you must not only be willing to explore new innovative paths, but you must also actively redesign and implement outdated workflows and processes in your company.

    Not only an evaluation and redesign of your existing business plans and processes is required, but also the usage of new technologies that provide you with competitive advantages and new opportunities.

    Ann-Julie Wasmer

    Ann-Julie Wasmer
    Expert SAP Sales

    "As process experts, we align business and IT – processes are the connecting element. With RISE, we offer customers various SAP offerings about the digitalization of their processes with only one contract."

    Your benefits due to RISE with SAP

    1. Merge services – Reduce complexity

    • A single supply for a single contract simplifies your procurement processes and makes it easier to manage your suppliers.
    • You'll give your business more agility – with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and integrated and extended solutions based on the SAP Business Technology Platform.
    • The world's largest business network enables you to collaborate within your organization and across SAP's supplier, logistics and asset intelligence networks.

    2. Fast results without large invest­ment

    • Realize an earlier return on investment (ROI) with a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
    • A single platform – instead of many platforms – breaks down (data) silos and integrates data, intelligent technologies and ERP software.
    • Savings, progress and decision making within your organization are improved and accelerated.

    3. Support at every step along the path

    • As process experts, we first analyze your processes and provide you – beyond the industry standard – with tailor-made recommendations on which measures and activities within your company you should focus on.

    But how can your company realize the potential of RISE with SAP?

    We are happy to discuss this with you personally. Contact us!

    Your expert

    A profile of Scheer employee Ann-Julie Wasmer

    Ann-Julie Wasmer

    Expert Cloud Managed Services