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SAP Enable Now – Train your employees digitally

SAP Enable Now

With Scheer GmbH and SAP Enable Now, enterprises have the right tools at hand to train their employees and prepare for the challenges of digitalization. Scheer and SAP Enable Now provide needs-based application help, simulations, and live in-app training. Businesses can use SAP Enable Now to give their employees the information they need in the right place at the right time. Employees can learn exactly what they need for their jobs at their workplace.

With context-related help available directly in the working environment – the system a given individual uses or the machine they oversee, for example – the onboarding period for new employees and those assigned to new areas of activity can be shortened. As an added plus, this also reduces your support workload by reducing the number of queries made due to a lack of application expertise.

We're process experts with extensive expertise in training management, which means we support our customers from the design stage right through to ongoing operations. Potential customers will benefit not only from the technical implementation of their requirements, but also from our expertise in developing global training strategies. You can also count on Scheer when it comes to creating company-specific templates in your corporate design.

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