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    Financial service providers must become more efficient

    Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors have made high-performance sustainability management essential in the banking sector. Many banks face a variety of challenges that have both internal and external effects and also interact. Increasingly strict statutory reporting requirements, such as the EU taxonomy and the CSR Directive, require a continual increase in internal capacities. Such situations are often exacerbated because the exact requirements are still unclear.

    In addition to the business requirements, the developed concepts also have to demonstrate high levels of flexibility and scalability. Reporting requires the collection of information from nearly all company departments.

    To do so, a number of different data sources and systems have to be interlinked. In many cases, additional data has to be collected that is not available to the company yet. This results in huge demands on the design of the process and IT landscape, system connectivity, data management, and process documentation. Depending on the strategy and available structures at the company, the solution concept can either be based on existing structures or will have to be supplemented by rolling out additional, specialized solutions.

    The solutions available on the market differ in their functionality and have plenty of open potential. The right process integration is needed to capture it.

    We’ll give you comprehensive advice

    Our years of experience in end-to-end process optimization make us a competent implementation partner for your sustainability strategy. With our experience and industry insights, we can give you competent advice for the following key questions:

    Business analysis

    for the technical implementation of your sustainability goals

    Powerful data management systems

    Increased automation

    of reporting processes

    Optimization of system connectivity

    along the entire reporting process (data collection, processing, and output)

    Software Selection

    Independent selection explicitly for ESG and EU taxonomy solutions, including implementation and customizing

    Transparent process documentation

    as an essential prerequisite for later reporting audits

    Our concepts always take the individual initial situations of our customers into account and give you extensive, end-to-end support – from analysis and conceptualization to successful implementation.

    • Our business process understanding is unmatched and we develop true end-to-end solutions
    • We possess a rich portfolio of methods, tools, and processes that lets us give a targeted response to any situation and requirement
    • Specialists and interdisciplinary teams, complemented by a close-knit partner network, cover all spheres of competence

    We offer an end-to-end, customer-centric solution, including all necessary implementation skills. The symbiosis of process know-how, banking and technical expertise, and our strong partner network gives you an all-round package for your sustainability management.

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