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  • SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager

    Digital Business Delivery Platform

    Stay in control of your IT and your service providers

    SAP Solution Manager is a digital business service delivery platform that can be used to design and efficiently implement new business processes and solutions. From IT portfolio planning to technical monitoring, SAP Solution Manager is an integrated toolbox that serves as a collaborative and centralized planning and control platform for IT management.

    As experts in process-oriented SAP management, we've been supporting our customers in their conception and implementation efforts for many years. Of course, we also use SAP Solution Manager ourselves in our projects and at our data center.

    Overview of Solution Manager 7.2

    Solution Manager 7.2

    Compared to its previous versions, Solution Manager 7.2 is more focused on process management (based on its integrated modeling component). It supports the SAP Activate framework, as well as all the relevant transformation architectures. In addition, Solution Manager offers new user interfaces and improved evaluation cockpits.

    We'll support you in the areas of evaluation and conception.

    Functions and Processes in SAP Solution Manager

    Solution Manager is an end-to-end IT management tool that combines portfolio management, business requirements, and value analyses of processes with the implementation and operation of various solutions. The main advantage of Solution Manager lies in the integrated perspective it provides and the resulting potential for analysis and optimization. As experts in business process management, we can advise you on both the integrative use of the IT processes it supports and the technical implementation of Solution Manager itself.

    Overview of SAP Solution Manager Implementation and Operation
    • Processes form the central basis of Solution Manager. Solution Manager 7.2 provides an integrated modeling component that can be used to create process models from libraries in BPMN 2.0 notation. It's also possible to generate processes based on solution documentation, SAP best-practice content, or Scheer performanceREADY processes. Thanks to our experience in process management, we can help you meet your implementation requirements, make agile adjustments in the build phase, and get the most out of process monitoring.

    • Through the requirement-to-deploy process, Solution Manager supports the agile delivery approach and acts as a collaboration platform for all teams involved in the project/lifecycle. In addition, Solution Manager is a central tool in the SAP Activate framework and in our process-driven SAP solutions. 

    • Solution Manager can be used in all cloud scenarios.

      - Solution Manager for the cloud: build, deploy, and run SAP Cloud products. Cloud and on-premise solutions meet the same high standards.

      - Solution Manager with the cloud: Maintenance Planner, KPI catalog, Roadmap Viewer, SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check, best practices

      - Solution Manager in the cloud: Cloud Appliance Library, Managed Solution Manager

    • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on HANA exhibits a significant performance improvement in search functions and ticket processing in ITSM.

      There are no additional license costs for Solution Manager on HANA if you're already using a HANA platform.

    • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 follows the SAP Business Suite strategy and offers role-based access to all relevant applications and work centers via the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.

      In addition, all the important information for the control centers is presented in a prepared format via the dashboards.

    SAP Solution Manager Processes

    Processes and functional areas

    As an integrated toolbox, the new Solution Manager forms a continuous lifecycle management platform that supports the following end-to-end scenarios:

    • Portfolio to Project (P2P)

      Management of projects within the framework of portfolio management and business initiatives, including their value in terms of

       IT capacities, skills, and deadlines

      Strategy: analysis of your portfolio and project management approach, as well as your level of digitalization

      Conception: Based on the analysis of your portfolio and project management, we'll show you the functions of SAP Solution Manager and agree on an optimal solution with you based on our Scheer performanceREADY IT management processes.

      Technical implementation:

      •   Configuration of Solution Manager
      •   Configuration of PPM
      •   Integration of ITSM
      •   Integration of third-party tools (if applicable)
    • Requirement to Deploy (R2D)

      Implementation of business requirements at the right time and the option to measure the corresponding value for your business

      Strategy: analysis of your implementation approach, software development process, and project approach, as well as the level of digitalization and the definition of your strategy

      Conception: specification of requirements management and the design, execution, testing, and implementation with regard to your requirements, their integration into other process areas of Solution Manager, and standardized process models such as SAP Activate or PDSAP

      Technical implementation:

      •   Configuration of Solution Manager
      •   Setting up of the implementation component, solution documentation
      •   Automated testing (CBTA)
      •   Release & transport management
    • Detect to Correct (D2C)

      Anticipation and solution of production problems

      Strategy: analysis and strategic alignment of your operational processes for system maintenance and troubleshooting

      Conception: Based on the analysis, we'll show you the functions of SAP Solution Manager with regard to process and solution monitoring and agree on an optimal solution.

      Technical implementation:

      •   Configuration of Solution Manager
      •   System & solution monitoring, maintenance planning
      •   Configuration of ITSM
      •   Configuration of automated analysis tools
    • Request to Fulfill (R2F)

      Service catalog management, request management, and service execution

      Strategy: analysis and strategic alignment of your IT service management with a digital service provider

      Conception: definition of your IT services in a service catalog, integration of the services into your requirements process, and definition and use of guided procedures

      Technical implementation:

      •   Service catalog setup
      •   Configuration of ITSM
      •   Adoption of guided procedures


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