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Cloud security

Cloud security

The journey to the cloud gives enterprises a variety of benefits and new opportunities. The selection of services and procedures, however, may seem exhausting and can raise many questions. Like on any journey that involves risk, proactive planning and a good guide are crucial.  On the cloud journeys of our customers, we remain at their side every step of the way and support them with our Easy Cloud Security Steps to ensure security and stability.

  • Step 1: We take responsibility for the security of the cloud environment and collaborate with you in the spirit of trust.
  • Step 2: We establish and reinforce a first line of defense through identity and access management.
  • Step 3: We protect the cloud environment with the latest technologies.
  • Step 4: We secure your data in the cloud and ensure that you don’t have to worry about GDPR, the CLOUD Act, or other compliance requirements.
  • Step 5: We continue raising the security level of your cloud infrastructure.

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