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    Your challenge

    The dynamic state of innovation in the public sector

    Germany's public sector is experiencing a digital tectonic shift that is also revealing technological failures from years past. At the same time, however, a change in thinking has begun and organizations are seizing opportunities presented by digitalization. To keep pace with digital developments in business and society, we have to take advantage of this fresh impetus and the current momentum in innovation by working together to catch up to the digital present at government offices and agencies with new technologies and services.

    Citizens and businesses expect their government to provide simple, user-centric services through online portals and web services.

    The employees of government agencies and public offices need support from efficient, automated processes to perform their complex duties – all under strict compliance with regulations on data protection and IT security, of course.

    Whether it's public agencies at the federal and state levels, cities, municipalities, state-owned enterprises, education and research institutions, or many other types of entities – we support the public sector on the path to digital government. That includes strategy development, the identification of requirements, and the design, implementation, and even operation of digital processes.

    How you'll benefit

    Our service portfolio – your transformation

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer
    Founder of IDS Scheer Holding GmbH

    “Local authorities and administrations need sensible solutions that enable them to develop new processes and implement them with ease.”

    Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer
    • SAP as the digital core for digital government

      SAP is the digital core that enables government agencies to perform their processes and activities in ways that are data-driven and automated, yet still audit-compliant and in line with the relevant data privacy regulations.

      With SAP, you can digitalize business processes in budget and invoice management, purchasing and procurement, HR, and facility management to deploy resources effectively at public institutions. This includes everything from budgeting to operations and the year-end closings required by law; from purchase requisition to goods receipt, invoice receipt, and payment; from the management of complex funding projects to downstream public institutions; and much more – all based on SAP S/4HANA.

      Whether it's digital process automations in invoice processing or audit-compliant digital record-keeping, activities like these support flows of information from input to approval and eventual archiving.

      Cloud-based processes with innovative user experiences for procurement platforms (SAP Ariba), human resource management (SAP SuccessFactors), travel management (SAP Concur), and knowledge dissemination (SAP Enable Now) supplement the digital SAP core for digital government.

      Scheer’s process-oriented SAP consultants and developers support public sector institutions in implementing, migrating, and optimizing their SAP solution landscapes.

    • Process management and digitalization

      Public administrations are usually characterized by hierarchical structures, legally binding processes, and a large number of heterogeneous IT systems and specialized procedures – all of which makes them truly complex organizations.

      Although process management has been made a priority in every public institution through Germany's E-Government Act (which promotes electronic administration) and the Online Access Act (OZG), the desired level of optimized process flows has only seldom been achieved in an extensive and sustainable way. Public authorities have been more likely to pursue the targeted optimization of individual processes instead of end-to-end process management for their digital alignment.

      We support public  institutions with our proven Scheer approach to implementation and execution of business process management. Process-oriented control that leverages process mining and business process intelligence significantly improves process management. Business processes are analyzed in real time based on corresponding data and can be optimized intelligently. Process flows become visible along with relevant KPIs for all the steps involved, enabling extensive root-cause analysis.

      With our Scheer PAS process automation and integration platform, we also focus on the automated mapping and execution of business processes. This technology platform combines application development with IT system integration to facilitate flexible, end-to-end support for individual processes. Scheer PAS stands for digitization and automation regardless of how many people, systems, or enterprises need to be connected.

    • Agile and technical project management

      The increasing complexity of processes, IT systems, and project requirements demands new methods of project management. While projects with clear requirements can be controlled properly through classic project management techniques, complex situations and the increasing pressure on government authorities to work economically demand agile or hybrid project management methods. Compared to the classic methods, they enable shorter response times and the tailoring of requirements to the actual users. With their technical background, our consultants can ensure the targeted execution of your IT projects. We’ll coach you in agile, innovative methods to ensure the long-term success of these endeavors.

    • Cloud and IT integration

      As a cloud service provider and a day-one member of the GAIA-X initiative, Scheer can support you with the implementation of your cloud strategy while ensuring that you retain full control of your data. We constantly expand our knowledge base through research projects such as MERLOT and POSSIBLE and are involved in the establishment and further development of GAIA-X. We can help you not only implement citizen services and internal administrative services, but integrate them, as well. In Scheer PAS , we also offer an integration platform that has already proven itself in government agencies.

    • Strategy and change management

      Volatility, insecurity, complexity, and ambiguity are characteristics of our modern world. Dealing with these challenges requires the ability to make fast, citizen-friendly decisions in a transparent manner. At the same time, the strategic measures of the German federal government also have to be implemented. To meet these requirements, we’ll support you in developing and implementing your digitalization strategy. Just as important as strategy is the need to convince employees of the possibilities of digitalization and tackle the challenges together through carefully considered change management. As such, agility isn’t only a necessity in projects; it requires an organization-wide change in mindset. We can support you with this change process and any necessary restructuring. We'll also work with you to develop monitoring and controlling strategies to ensure that your digitalization measures are actually effective.

    Application areas

    Security-critical areas

    In the defense industry, we support organizations on their journey to digital administration and develop user-focused, forward-looking solutions. Our past efforts have included the digitalization and automation of processes in logistics, shipping, and facility management. In particular, such activities involve ensuring that processes take place without media discontinuities and are integrated with other systems,  such as in invoice or budget management. Taking into account the particular security and data protection requirements at hand, we work closely with our customers to support them in modeling and optimizing processes, technology, and work practices in line with the SAP standard. We'll use both classic and hybrid project-management methods to support you through all the phases of your project: from planning and design to realization, test management, and go-live.

    Digitalization opens up entirely new possibilities for prevention, investigation, and emergency response for government agencies and domestic security organizations, as well. Police departments in the Saarland already trust in Scheer PAS and use its process automation and integration platform in combination with artificial intelligence to automate plausibility checks of accident reports. This reduces the verification effort by around 80% and relieves highly qualified employees of expensive, time-consuming routine tasks. As a result, they have more time for their key duties.

    Smart mobility and smart cities

    Cities and municipalities face major challenges, such as increasing urbanization, demographic change, increasing competition among locations, rising citizen expectations of mobility and government services, and at present, the integration of immigrants and refugees. The digitalization of systems, processes, and services opens up myriad options for making improvements and cutting costs. Cities and municipalities have to be considered as overall systems. They have to carefully evaluate which projects will deliver the greatest benefits in the long term and how limited staff and financial resources can be deployed most efficiently.

    Scheer has developed an end-to-end transformation approach in which we'll work with you to develop and implement a successful future concept for your particular situation. Benefit from our expertise and tried-and-tested methods, which ensure that all the relevant players are involved at an early stage.

    Digitalization of government administration

    Like many other industries, the public sector faces the challenge of achieving user-oriented, efficient, innovative digitalization. Public sector enterprises, managers, and decision-makers agree: They have to find a way out of the digitalization jungle. Disruptive IT developments like cloud computing, big data, collaboration, and mobility are having a major impact on the processes in the public sector and the IT systems that support them. When correctly planned and executed in this field, digital transformation results in efficient processes that are characterized by individualized service improvements for citizens and businesses, as well as the optimized performance of public sector activities.

    We support our customers in federal and state government, educational institutions, social services, and defense in their digital administration processes. Scheer makes business digitalization easy – from strategy to execution.

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