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    Sustainability at the Scheer Group

    Through efficient digitalization and process optimization, Scheer is promoting techniques and technology that reduce the resource consumption of digital organizations and applications. Since sound, efficient processes deliver long-term success, they are by definition sustainable – this is the maxim followed by the process experts at Scheer, and it can be found in our mission statement.

    Besides supporting our customers with sustainable digitalization strategies, we ourselves are also consciously and actively committed to shaping a future worth living in.

    How we're working to ensure a future worth living in

    • Social, community-based, and ecological responsibility

      Here at Scheer, we are aware of our responsibilities as a corporate group and are always working proactively to implement and improve sustainable social, ecological, and financial measures. In doing so, we are supporting all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations Agenda 2030.

      In particular, Scheer's day-to-day operations contribute to the goals of quality education (SDG 4), gender equality (SDG 5), decent working conditions and economic growth (SDG 8), and industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9). We are also committed to the health and well-being of our employees (SDG 3), are transitioning to sustainable energy sources (SDG 7) and the sustainable use of resources (SDG 12), and are putting active measures in place to protect the climate and environment (SDG 13). Furthermore, we are working towards joining the UN Global Compact – the world's most important initiative for sustainable and responsible business management – as soon as possible. This reflects our support for the vision of a more inclusive and sustainable economy that benefits every person, every community, and every market both today and in the future.

      In addition, Scheer GmbH completes an annual sustainability ranking with EcoVadis since the year 2021. The EcoVadis platform makes it possible to manage, audit, and report on a company's CSR performance in a clear and traceable manner. Its assessments focus on four areas: the environment, ethics, labor and human rights, and sustainable procurement.

    • Business Ecosystem

      We work closely with many prominent partners to offer our customers innovative and sustainable solutions. We make sure that those we collaborate with share our values, and we’re proud to be working with companies that are also actively committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

      Our strategic partnership with SAP, for example, enables us to offer our customers a multitude of attractive solutions for sustainable digitalization. SAP also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has won a host of awards for its pioneering role as the leading sustainable company in the software industry.

      In addition to its innovative solutions, our partner Microsoft is known for doing business in a socially and ecologically sustainable way. It has been carbon-neutral since 2012, plans to be carbon-negative by 2030, and supports the Sustainable Development Goals through proactive measures.

      Our strategic partnership with SNP, meanwhile, means we can offer our customers software-based solutions for transforming their IT systems. A leading German player in innovation, SNP is aware of its corporate social responsibilities and has been involved in charitable work for social and sustainable projects at the regional, national, and international levels since it was set up 25 years ago. 

      We support the commitment of our partners and endorse every type of innovative, social, sustainable and community-based action. We are delighted to be working together toward a better future.

    • Energy

      We are constantly working on improving energy efficiency in the buildings we use. Our data center in Freiburg runs on green electricity, for example. Our partner's data centers are also certified in line with strict standards for environment and energy management systems. All our new buildings are aiming for LEED Silver or equivalent green building certification. Both Scheer Towers at our Saarbrücken site have been running on green electricity since 2022. In addition, several locations already have charging stations for e-bikes and EVs; this is another area where we’re working on expanding further.

    • Environment

      Together with our partner Planet-Tree, we’re not only encouraging our employees to put down roots at Scheer; we’re also making an active contribution to climate protection. Through reforestation projects in Germany, we’re helping offset carbon emissions. We plant a tree for every new employee at Scheer GmbH once they have successfully completed their probationary period. Our partner page shows the current tally.

    • Mobility

      Change begins with the right mindset, which is why we encourage each and every one of our employees to focus on sustainability. Our company's travel and mobility guidelines recommend taking public transport on business trips. We facilitate this by issuing railcards to frequent travelers, for instance. We also offer incentives to use the subsidized bike leasing scheme Jobrad and local initiatives such as subsidized public transport for commuting to work. Where possible, we prioritize electronic communication platforms in order to keep business trips, face-to-face meetings, and customer events to a minimum.

      We have also devised our own e-mobility initiative for our company vehicles, and EVs now account for 12% of the overall fleet. Some sites already have wall chargers, and other locations are set to follow.

    • Education and Culture

      As a member of Germany's Wissensfabrik (“Knowledge Factory”) , Scheer supports both start-ups and education in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This initiative seeks to overcome social challenges together with children and young people, and we have already been able to support a large number of educational institutions in introducing an expanding population to highly relevant issues such as climate protection and sustainability.

      We are also actively involved in supporting artists and initiatives and helping to support refugees through job application training and other measures. Meanwhile, the Scheer Group is also involved in the Help 4 Ukraine relief campaign. To this end, experts from the Innovation Network developed an app to help organize related fundraisers. Sustainability affects us all – but without a common effort, it will remain just an empty buzzword. Through our involvement, ideas, and actions, we are constantly developing and improving what we do, using our innovative strength for sustainable progress, and taking social corporate responsibility seriously. After all, when it comes to making the future one worth living in, we're all in the same boat. Those of us at Scheer will continue to strive for sustainable development. We look forward to working with customers and partners who share the same goals.

    Meike Scheer
    CHRO, Scheer GmbH

    “Acting responsibly – socially, societally and ecologically – is part of our corporate culture.”

    Meike Scheer

    Our sustainable services and solutions

    The digitalization strategies we develop with our customers reflect our holistic approach. Far from an empty buzzword, sustainability is an inherent part of an approach through which we are supporting the transition process in business and IT architectures.

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