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  • Process Mining

    Process Mining

    What will your processes look like in the future?

    Intelligent enterprises need smart processes

    Are you facing the challenge of optimizing your processes end to end? Are you asking yourself how you can make sure that mission-critical enterprise flows follow defined processes, and how you can quickly identify inefficient, poorly structured processes? Do you see potential for automating your processes, but need support?

    With Process Mining, Scheer offers you continuous analysis and optimization of your processes. Process Mining – defined as the extraction, analysis, and evaluation of log data from business processes – enables you to examine complete end-to-end processes for process flows, particular patterns, and trends. It helps you react to changing market requirements flexibly and ensure your competitiveness in the long term.

    Andreas Kronz
    Head of BPM Consulting

    “The goal of Process Mining is to understand and optimize business processes.”

    Andreas Kronz

    Process Mining with the process experts

    The process experts at Scheer work with you to find suitable applications for successful Process Mining. With our more than 20 years of experience, we implement Process Mining at your enterprise holistically and combine technology, industry expertise, and process know-how.

    We see ourselves as a mediator between the user departments and the IT and can carry out a successful Process Mining project at your enterprise in close collaboration with the relevant areas.

    You’ll get all services from a single source: from connection to the source systems and the generation of analyses to the implementation of dashboards and operational apps – and even automation solutions. Our managed services support the operation of your Process Mining or BPM solution and can support you with your national or international rollout.

    The three stages of Process Mining

    I. Discovery

    In the first step, the data from the event log and a variety of Process Mining algorithms are used to extract process models and identify actual processes.

    II. Conformance

    During the conformity check, we compare the event logs (actual processes) with the corresponding project model and identify agreements and differences.

    III. Enhancement

    In the third step, the process models are adapted and improved based on data from the actual process. We differentiate here between changes and enhancements.

    Process Mining in practice – Use cases


    • Create end-to-end process transparency

      Points of conflicts and pinch points can only be identified by taking a superordinate view at the entire business process chain. The aim is always higher customer satisfaction at low cost.

    • Standardize processes

      Whether in the company-internal comparison between locations or organizations, when introducing software or in the regulatory area: standardized and harmonized processes reduce complexity and costs. The control of the process variants by process mining takes place according to the specification "As little as possible – as much as necessary".

    • Improve the efficiency of your operational processes

      Whether through the restructuring of the process or through the operational support of the technical side through apps, robots or AI: the efficient and cost-sensitive process execution is in the foreground.

    • Long-term management of process transformation

      Processes are constantly changing due to external factors or internal company influences and employees. This constant process change can be mastered with process mining – while ensuring the successes achieved so far at the same time.

    Our Scheer Box

    Process Mining Starter Box

    With the Process Mining Starter Box you create the basis for sustainable process improvements in combination with a strong return on investment.

    – Daniel Misof, Senior Expert Process & Management Consulting

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