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  • Celonis and Scheer

    Celonis and Scheer

    Effective process management with market-leading process mining technology

    Together for better process digitalization 

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    The partnership between Scheer GmbH and Celonis, the market leader in enterprise performance acceleration and process mining software, offers the perfect opportunity to combine effective business process management with market-leading process mining technology to our customers.

    Scheer's process experts with deep industry knowledge and SAP know-how are the ideal contact persons to master all disciplines of "EMS by Celonis" together with you in an optimal way and to ensure the maximum benefit of the EMS within the application.

    The Challenges

    Companies spend billions on enterprise software to digitize processes. But processes still run across a rigid and fragmented tech landscape and companies are not executing at their full capacity. Friction losses in processes lead to execution gaps, which severely impacting the capacity to execute.

    In Finance & Administration, the average touchless invoice rate is only 27%, whereas fully optimized companies can achieve more than 85%.

    In Supply & Delivery, the average on-time delivery rate is only 42.8%, as opposed to the best performers hitting 98.9%.

    In the Product & Services world, average time-to-market for consumer products is only 22 months, in contrast to 15 months for best-in-class.

    In Customer Service, the average net promoter score is only 32, compared to leading performers hitting scores as high as 97 - and normally are well above 60.

    Your benefit with Celonis & Scheer

    Scheer's process experts work with you to find the appropriate areas of application for successful process mining – whether it's embedding it into your company's strategic initiatives or providing effective support as part of your SAP S/4HANA transformation. With more than 20 years of experience, we introduce process mining holistically into your company and combine technology, industry knowledge and process know-how.

    We see ourselves as a contact person between the business side and IT and by working closely with the right fields in your company, we lead a process mining project to success. From the connection to source systems and the creation of analyses to the implementation of dashboards and operational apps or automation solutions, you receive all services from a single source. We support you with the integration into BPM solutions and help with your national or international rollout.

    The Celonis EMS helps you maximize your performance in finance & administration, supply chain & sales, production & service as well as customer operations.

    • Connect to every source system

      Profit from instant visibility in any process with pre-built system connectors and transformations.

      • 80+ pre-built process connectors
      • Real-time connections
      • Configurable connections to custom-built systems
    • Get a complete real-time view of your processes

      You can measure your current execution capacity to understand what you need to do to maximize it. You can identify the execution gaps that have the greatest impact on increasing revenue, freeing up capital, and satisfying customers.

      Key Features

      • Process Explorer
      • Process Analytics
      • Conformance Checking
      • Automated Root-cause Identification
    • Use the complete collection of process improvement solutions

      Including process mining, AI and automation

      Celonis provides employees and managers with interfaces and recommendations to support and optimize their daily work. It also automates manual steps, intelligently distributes applications to eliminate execution gaps, and improves productivity across the enterprise.


      Key Features

      • Action In-box
      • Notifications & Alerting
      • AI-driven Learning
      • Intelligent Sensors
      • 100+ Pre-built Source System Automations
      • Embedded Machine Learning
      • RPA-bot triggers
    • Benchmark processes by industry standards

      and thousands of best practice implementations

      Benefit from more than 2000 customer projects in almost every industry and their market leaders (e.g. in the areas of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Management or Procurement).

    Identify execution gaps, maximize your capacities and achieve an industry-leading performance

    Execution Management System by Celonis

    The Execution Management System (EMS) by Celonis is a new class of system built to overcome execution gaps in business processes. It provides a platform and a full suite of apps to change the way the processes run.

    Grafik zur Celonis EMS Plattform

    The Celonis EMS acts as an intelligent layer on top of underlying business systems and addresses the tree mayor disciplines for optimization of business processes:

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    Measures process capacity and identifies execution gaps. Creates transparency into your process and shows how processes actually run (actual state).

    Icon Wissen


    Enables companies to identify gaps with the greatest impact and derive the right course of action to close them (target state).

    Icon Act


    Takes action to remove those gaps and unlock your capacity of processes – by automating real-time actions or enabling the right people with the help of recommendations and comprehensive dashboards.

    Further information

    Implementation of Celonis at HELM AG

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