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    Discrete manufacturing in a changing world

    The combination of shorter product life cycles and increases in product complexity and product variants demands effective solutions. The central challenges such solutions face lie in meeting rising customer expectations, improving competitiveness, and securing a leading position in industries like mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, high tech, electronics, metal production, and plastics manufacturing.

    Be proactive! You need to spot the opportunities offered by the various trends and new solutions as you complete your digital transformation.

    How you'll benefit

    Our industry experts, your business success – be better with Scheer

    Having a strong command of your processes is the only way to manage your business and the risks it involves. We'll work with you in pursuit of one specific goal: designing your business processes for excellence to put you on track for more and more business success. Let’s work together to make you the best in your industry!

    For over 35 years, Scheer process experts have been providing comprehensive business and IT consulting in business process management and process optimization. Scheer offers tailored and efficient methods and software to identify potential process improvements, analyze process costs and resource bottlenecks, and implement lean company processes with the help of IT.

    Our focus topic: SAP PEO

    SAP S/4HANA Production Engineering and Operations

    • End-to-end processes from engineering to operations – for make-to-order production
    • Intelligent worker guidance
    • End-to-end transparency
    • Process reliability

    Our industry expertise in practice

    Do it like Elopak...

    ...and prepare your supply chain to be your company’s powerful tool to tackle the challenges of today!

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    Patrick Campbell

    Patrick Campbell
    Program Manager | Elopak

    “With this approach, many tasks are eliminated through the use of unique master data. Production processes can be compared at both the product and plant level.”

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    Industry 4.0

    The revolution starts with processes – IT and business become one.

    New information and communication technologies using the Internet (and more specifically, the Internet of Things) are merging with technologies in automation, production, and other areas. Although Industry 4.0 is often unilaterally focused on factory automation, digital transformation is opening the door to new value creation processes and business models with new products and services in all industrial processes of relevance. The intelligent, enterprise-wide networking of all the elements involved in various processes (including employees, products, materials, and machines) makes it possible to provide real-time information and support dynamic, self-organizing value networks.

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    Industry 4.0


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