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    Turning insights into action – from the sensor date to the process

    It is becoming increasingly important for companies to avoid unplanned machine downtime by maintaining and repairing machines preventively or predictively according to manufacturer specifications. Service specialists should be ready to assist on site within defined time frames in order to identify and eliminate problems on the first try as often as possible. This requires very strong interaction among all the process participants and systems – with not only the machine operator, but the service provider and machine manufacturer, as well. Connect the Internet of Things with classic core business processes by turning insights into action and put your Industry 4.0 project into practice without delay.

    Increase productivity using data mining solutions (predictive analytics)

    Intelligent analyses such as “Predictive Analytics” supplement or replace searching for causalities (in product FMEA, for example) with searching for correlations (fault pattern recognition) – in other words, the identification and analysis of a wide variety of correlations in product evaluation. We provide you with holistic support in analyzing your process and product data with innovative, predictive, and self-learning data mining solutions.

    The findings (alerts) can be efficiently implemented as organizational measures in the respective ERP core business processes in real time. The key to success lies in the interaction of all the process participants – including across companies – and the integration of ICT systems.

    Scheer Digital Business Solution Industry 4.0

    The Scheer Digital Business Solution Industry 4.0 offers an agile solution for the collaborative maintenance of systems and machines. In its digitalized service process, people in roles like data scientist, service manager and service technician work together collaboratively using a business application that can be adapted at lightning speed.

    A process memory collects and stores information and prepares it in the form of recommended actions for future service processes, which translates into significant reduction in machine stoppages due to technical and organizational downtime.

    Rapid implementation with Sheer PAS

    The solution is based on the Scheer PAS architecture, which combines the benefits of high flexibility with the governance of standard software. Scheer PAS makes it possible to implement ideas, processes and strategies with the help of business process apps whenever and wherever required – with a high level of control and full use of the cloud potential.

    How you’ll benefit

    • Improved profitability and lower service costs
    • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Better system effectiveness (availability, performance and quality)
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Faster reactions to alarm messages and errors

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