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    In our dynamic world, organizations have to be able to adapt to volatile market environments quickly. Your processes have to be efficient and you have to offer new, smart services based on the latest technology to enable agile working methods for your employees. Overall, collaboration between the business and IT units must be seamless.

    Your benefits

    Maximum benefits for your business through modern information technology, plus an optimized end-to-end IT organization

    To meet these challenges, Scheer Management Consulting offers consulting services and solutions that give you added value as our customer, through our holistic examination and tight links between business benefits and information technology. Our experienced consultants know the right methods and best practices and understand how to deploy them effectively and pragmatically. They use both proven approaches from the “legacy” world and agile approaches like customer journey mapping and design thinking. In many consulting projects, the business models and processes are tied to the organizational structure and information technology – and we never lose track of targets, usefulness, and economic efficiency.

    The Scheer Group Innovation Network makes it possible for experts with detailed knowledge in the development of prototypes or in IT infrastructure and information security to support the strategic, conceptual, and architectural expertise of the management consultants.

    Digital transformation skills

    Better with Scheer – Methods and best practices for your transformation

    Scheer Management Consulting supports you as our customer with the following topics related to the technology-driven and technology-supported evolution of enterprises and organizations:

    • IT management: Strategy, governance, planning, and coordination of the IT organization, IT processes, and IT activities
    • IT assessment: end-to-end analysis and optimization of the IT
    • Agile organization (new roles and structures in the organizational structure, new forms of collaboration, agile and bi-modal IT)
    • Cloud computing and migration to the cloud
    • Hybrid project management
    • Enterprise architecture management

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    Markus Gronerad

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