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    Business Process Transformation

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    Let business process transformation solutions help you create an intelligent, process-oriented enterprise

    Customers' expectations aren't the only thing that continues to change with regard to transformation projects. The circumstances surrounding each project are evolving, too – and increased complexity, volatility, and integration risks are just a few of the factors. The way projects are approached has evolved as a result, and so has their focus. Business process intelligence supports you in enabling and accelerating your transformation into an intelligent enterprise. The continuous measurement and improvement of business processes are decisive elements in this journey.





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    Through the strategic partnership with the SAP experts and the SAP Signavio solutions for business process transformation we can show you the right approach to designing better transformation projects while guaranteeing intelligent solutions. Here, focusing on processes is the only way to interconnect them along with your personnel and IT systems. We create genuine added value that will enable your enterprise to operate in more effective and intelligent ways. Our process-oriented approach makes it possible to set up a long-term management platform that will let you perform analyses and implement optimizations quickly and transparently whenever required.

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    Integrated content gives rise to an enterprise architecture that can be reused as an integrated platform for all phases of the project – like building a house with digital blueprints. That saves a lot of time. Since you don’t start from scratch in our approach, you can make faster progress in your project. The enterprise architecture also improves quality and lowers susceptibility to errors, because you – the customer – can better understand exactly what awaits you and where you need to take action. The standardized procedure with SAP content lowers costs and helps you capture more of the available potential. The resulting project is tailored to your enterprise, and the high level of standardization saves you from having to reinvent the wheel as you transform into an intelligent enterprise.


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    Scheer & SAP Signavio Solutions

    We are participating as SAP Signavio Process Explorer Partner!

    Read more in the blog post about the benefits of the SAP Signavio Process Explorer solution and the associated key role of experienced partners

    Sebastian Rösch
    Senior Manager, BPM Consulting

    "Without the right support, the road to becoming an intelligent enterprise can be rocky. SAP Signavio solutions combined with our expertise can help you simplify and accelerate your transformation. Take the plunge!"

    Sebastian Rösch

    Our Scheer Boxes

    SAP Business Process Transformation Starter Box

    With the Starter Box, you'll see how the process-oriented business process transformation approach generates added value in a reliable, sustainable, and repeatable manner.

    - Hans-Peter Baumann, Head of BPM & Organizational Development

    Analysis Extension for Business Process Transformation Starter Box

    The analysis extension supports the business process transformation approach with hard facts and detailed analyses that ensure the best possible preparation for transformation projects.

    - Andreas Kronz, Head of BPM Consulting

    Start your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise with SAP Signavio solutions and Scheer

    Scheer’s business process transformation approach

    The business process transformation solution offers a holistic, process-oriented approach to supporting customers in process transformation. We combine content from the all-inclusive Scheer performanceREADY with our methodical approach as a foundation as well as the business process transformation platform – and offer everything from a single source to provide high transparency and speed up your transformation projects. Meanwhile, the strategy has changed to highlight the importance of the human factor in this end-to-end approach (alongside processes, systems, and data) to achieve the long-term goal of transformation into an intelligent enterprise. SAP Signavio solutions for business process transformation are also an important component of RISE with SAP.

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    New value accelerators and process best practices in the SAP Signavio Process Explorer

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    Business Process Transformation


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