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  • Easy Cloud Security

    Easy Cloud Security

    Are you sure that only you can access your data and resources?

    Are you setting out for the cloud? Then make your journey a secure one!

    Cloud computing is the next evolutionary leap in information technology. The move to the cloud offers companies a multitude of benefits and new opportunities. Elasticity, flexibility, and no costs for infrastructure are just three of the many reasons for using the cloud as a means of boosting your business.

    The choice of services and approaches can seem overwhelming and raise many questions. While many of them are trivial and can be settled quickly with just a little research, the question of security – with or in the cloud – is not quite so easy to answer. Then there's the subject of compliance, which drops you into a labyrinth of issues and problems that initially seem impossible to solve.

    Easy Cloud Security Steps

    Optimum travel planning – with Easy Cloud Security!

    For every journey into unknown territory, advance planning and a good travel guide are essential.  We'll be at your side every step of the way to support you with our Easy Cloud Security steps.

    Darstellung der fünf Phasen von Easy Cloud Security

    Easy Cloud Security Steps

    • Search for trust and responsibility

      Scheer is the partner you can trust to take responsibility for security in your cloud environment.

    • Establish the first line of defense

      We'll establish and strengthen your first line of defense (identity and access management)!

    • Protect your cloud environment

      We'll protect your cloud environment using state-of-the-art technologies!

    • Secure your data in the cloud 

      We'll protect your data and make sure you don't have to worry about GDPR, the CLOUD Act, or other compliance requirements!

    • Strengthen your cloud security

      We'll fortify your cloud infrastructure and ensure that you remain secure!

    Cloud security – why choose Scheer?

    We've got your back with our Easy Cloud Security steps.

    We'll take care of your cloud security – you concentrate on your core business!

    We'll be right there by your side not only on your journey to the cloud, but thereafter, as well. We take responsibility for ensuring security at all times. We can do more than just advise you or run your services. With Scheer, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you have all the services you need from a single source.

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