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    Optimize the planning and operational handling of your logistics processes.

    Innovative solution architectures and new technical features are opening up ways to redesign and implement new logistics processes effectively. This applies equally to intralogistics and the processes in inbound and outbound logistics, where collaboration with business partners and logistics service providers is growing in importance. Contact us if you’re interested in exploiting this potential. We know the trends and the challenges you face – and have the right concepts and solutions for mastering them.

    Our solutions

    Warehouse Logistics

    SAP solutions help you design efficient processes in production and shipping warehouses, because they support the reliable integration of subsystems. Ergonomic mobile applications support the fast, error-free processing of tasks here. Extended logistics services are also becoming increasingly important.

    Suitable solution:

    Process Integration

    The dovetailing of internal company processes is, of course, just as much a part of logistics as coordination with customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers. An all-encompassing understanding of the process and knowledge of the available solution options are important success factors when it comes to optimizing collaboration among all process players.

    Suitable solutions:
    SAP S4/HANA, Scheer performanceREADY, ARIS, Scheer PAS

    Reverse Logistics

    As product individualization continues to advance and market expectations change, the importance of reverse logistics is increasing. Its handling is usually disproportionately expensive in terms of both time and money. Optimized, ERP-based solutions support efficient, transparent processes. Smart logistics offers additional potential.

    Suitable solution:
    Quality Management

    Strategy and Process Management

    The strategic orientation of logistics processes and their sustained optimization are success factors that can help your company improve its productivity and maintain success in a changing competitive situation. To achieve this, you need a tailored logistics strategy that focuses on the needs and targets of your company.

    Suitable solutions:
    Scheer performanceREADY, SAP Solution Manager, ARIS

    Technical Integration

    The intelligent, smooth interconnection of different systems in the supply chain is a challenge for every company. Modern, dynamic process integration can help you achieve the required flexibility despite the high complexity. You can seamlessly integrate external companies and successfully connect internal software systems.

    Suitable solutions: 
    Scheer PASProcess Integration, SAP Business Technology Platform

    Cooperation with business partners

    Missing or outdated information can always be a big challenge for companies. With the help of real-time data you can make decisions across companies at any time! Become faster and more efficient in exchanging logistics data with your business partners.

    Suitable solution:
    SAP Logistics Business Network

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