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  • SAP Sales Cloud

    SAP Sales Cloud

    For effective, efficient sales processes

    More information and higher revenue for your sales organization. More individualized and relevant experiences for your customers.

    In the age of the customer, every step of the customer journey is key. These days, “just okay” is basically the same as “bad”. Every step and every customer contact counts! That’s why a modern CRM system that puts the focus on customers has to process an enormous amount of data. A shared database for marketing, sales, and service is essential to an end-to-end customer experience.

    SAP Sales Cloud helps your sales team have faster, more relevant interactions with B2B and B2C customers. You get a 360° view of your customers across all sales phases. Anytime and anywhere, both mobile and offline.

    How can you benefit from SAP Sales Cloud?

    Sales managers

    • Get an overview of your employees’ sales activities
    • Benefit from a true 360° view of customers
    • Manage your team’s pipeline and forecast reliably
    • Make decisions in real time using standard or user-defined dashboards and reports

    Sales employees

    • Focus your efforts on promising leads and opportunities (through AI and machine learning)
    • Keep all your information handy at all times – online and offline and on desktop and mobile devices
    • Contact your customers in a personalized, relevant manner and turn information into sales
    • Manage all your contact persons, sales activities, and decision-makers in B2B sales
    • Spend more time selling and less on administration
    • Gain a clear overview of all your visits, calls, tasks, and appointments

    IT managers

    • Simple groupware integration for Outlook, Gmail, and Lotus Notes
    • Embedded intelligence (equipped with AI, machine learning, and more out of the box)
    • Maximum security standards at a German SAP data center
    • CRM and ERP from a single source: minimize third-party interfaces and the effort required for release updates

    Would you like to get a comprehensive picture of the features in SAP Sales Cloud?

    Contact us to find out more!

    SAP Sales Cloud FAQ

    • What is SAP Hybris?

      Following the acquisition of Hybris by SAP, the former company's CRM system was offered under the name “SAP Hybris”. SAP C/4HANA represents the new generation of CRM solutions for the front office. Following numerous harmonization steps, the features of SAP Hybris can now be found in SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud.

    • What is SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)?

      SAP Cloud for Customer, or “SAP C4C”, consists of two parts: one for sales and one for service. Today, SAP offers the enhanced “successors” to C4C – SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud – in a harmonized SAP Fiori design. Both clouds continue to use the same core today because they share several fundamental features (and data tables). For this reason, the names “SAP C4C”, “SAP Cloud for Customer”, and “SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer” are still used synonymously when we talk about SAP Sales Cloud or SAP Service Cloud.

    • What's the difference between SAP Hybris Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud?

      SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer has now become two components of the current SAP C/4HANA Suite: SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud. SAP Sales Cloud was created from the sales component of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

    • What SAP Sales Cloud licenses are available?

      SAP offers different licenses for SAP Sales Cloud depending on the required scope and your individual needs. If the standard features are enough for you – and they should be in many cases – you benefit from a lower price. Do you want to take advantage of processor-intensive features involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even more analytical power? No problem! We’ll be happy to support you in selecting the right license.

    • What SAP Sales Cloud licenses do you need?

      SAP offers different licenses for SAP Sales Cloud depending on the required functional scope and your individual needs. Therefore, there's no universal answer as to what the right license for your enterprise will be. Scheer’s process experts can support you in selecting the optimal functional scope for your SAP Sales Cloud.

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