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    Modern, mobile order entry and customer service for a variety of use cases

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    The ability to access data no matter where you are is taken for granted in our personal lives – and enterprise processes are no exception. Field sales, maintenance, and service staff need to be able to access data in SAP systems quickly and from anywhere to provide good customer service. Mobile access to data makes it possible to improve customer relationships and optimize processes while simultaneously reducing costs. Mobile solutions are also available for the shop floor, where they result in greater efficiency and transparency in production by reporting on equipment utilization and staff workloads, offering cockpits for plant and shift managers, and providing managers with useful dashboards.

    The Scheer Mobility Solution provides full flexibility through individualized apps. They use standard interfaces that will be viable for years to come and provide data from SAP systems for users who are offline or on the go. The technology can be integrated easily into current and future projects with SAP Fiori (UX).


    Mobile access to SAP back-end data

    Online/offline data storage

    Available for desktop and mobile devices

    Integration of data from multiple systems

    Individually customizable

    Scenario: field service

    • Option to display and edit customers and contact persons
    • Ability to use products and prices
    • Customer-specific prices
    • Creation of call reports
    • Overview of sales orders
    • Functions for creating and displaying orders
    • Option to display open receivables
    • Collection of outstanding payments
    • Offline product catalog with product photos
    • Shopping cart
    • Mobile order entry with signatures
    • Collection of outstanding payments
    • Document printing via Bluetooth
    • Google Maps integration
    • Reports and KPIs from SAP ERP, SAP BI, and other data sources
    Bernd Herrmann

    Bernd Herrmann
    Head of IT | Gardinia Home Decor GmbH

    “With Scheer working side-by-side with our internal SAP consultants and developers, we can now trace all information from the app directly in SAP.”

    Scenario: maintenance

    • Malfunction reports and task management
    • Histories and document attachments
    • Identification of machinery and systems via bar codes/QR codes
    • Creation and management of follow-on activities
    • Time confirmation
    • Material updates
    • Checklists, inspection lists, and meter and measurement readings
    • Logging
    • Photo documentation and signature function
    • Inventory checking
    Aleem Baksh

    Aleem Baksh
    Senior Manager, Information Technology | Angostura

    “The app shows our commitment to quality and our central values. We're proud of this solution and never stop looking for innovative ways to optimize our business processes.”

    The benefits from a project with Angostura

    • Increased efficiency has made the ordering process twice as fast
    • Information is available on the go
    • Sales employees are happier thanks to the constant availability of real-time information
    • Every salesperson has 20% more time for customers
    • Process efficiency in customer service has increased by 50%
    • Projected 30% decline in cancellations

    Scenario: customer service

    • Order data
    • Histories and document attachments
    • Time confirmation
    • Material updates
    • Checklists, inspection lists, and meter and measurement readings
    • Service reports
    • Photo documentation and signature function
    • Inventory checking
    • Contract management

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