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Security Assessment

Current challenges

  1. Tense IT security situation
  2. Attacks and security incidents are at an all-time high
  3. The number of malware programmes and types of attacks is growing daily
  4. Security and compliance requirements are increasing due to regulations

The solution

  • Holistic view of your IT infrastructure
  • Determination of security and compliance requirements
  • Determination of critical assets
  • Identification of the currently implemented technical and organisational security measures
  • Analysis and evaluation of the security level

The benefits

  • Clearly quantifiable result in form of a security level
  • Detailed report
  • Specific recommendations for measures


 "The Scheer Box 'Security Assessment' enables IT managers to identify critical security gaps and react with appropriate measures. Scheer provides a detailed report as well as specific recommendations for action for quick, measurable results."

– Daniel Schillinger, Expert Cloud Operations


max. 5 days


3,990 €

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Daniel Schillinger

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