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  • SAP Concur Travel Management

    SAP Concur Travel Management

    Take time for what’s really important – for you and your employees!

    Is business trip accounting a time-consuming activity in your enterprise that requires the tedious collection of documents?

    In a live demonstration, we’ll show you how you can use SAP Concur
    to easily manage your business trip accounting – paperless and on the go! But what
    happens after that? Find out how you can use ESS/MSS to map workflows in the system.
    You can trace your business trip accounting at any time.
    You create an overview for your employees and also save time.

    Travel expense management with SAP Concur

    The cloud-based, mobile services for travel expense management in SAP Concur simplify and integrate planning, booking, accounting, and reporting for enterprises and travelers and are seamlessly integrated in your familiar SAP world.

    Scheer as SAP Concur Partner

    Discover integrated and automated expense management with SAP Concur – All processes – such as travel booking and business trip accounting combined in a single solution. The SAP Concur platform makes your travel expense management easy, transparent, and compliant – no matter where or how the trips are taken. The Concur services are linked to travel providers, online travel agents, credit card companies, and suppliers – wherever your employees spend money. Concur lets enterprises integrate their data in a single system, even up to evaluation of the data with Concur Intelligence.

    An automated process for business trip accounting frees up your employees from mountains of paper and manual entry, drastically reducing the error rate. This gives you greater control over compliance with specifications and budgets. Your travel policy is integrated in the solution, finally giving you full transparency over all travel plans and the associated expenses. You control the costs, raise the compliance rate, and save the effort for manual checks. As a result, enterprises and travelers can concentrate on the essentials.

    SAP Concur Services

    The future of your business trip accounting lies in automation – SAP Concur®

    Concur® Travel

    Manage all your bookings and, in turn, all your expenses for business trips. You can control costs, limit your risks, and manage the complexity of today’s business trips with the latest technology.

    Concur® Expense

    For user-friendly capture, detailed analysis, and transparent reporting of travel expenses. Enables you to can increase productivity, improve compliance, and control costs.

    Concur® TripLink

    Keep control of how much your enterprise spends on business travel – no matter how the costs are posted.

    Concur® Intelligence

    Take control of your business trip expenses BEFORE they occur. With the right information at the right time, you can make informed decisions and improve your performance.

    Concur® Locate

    The platform for employee communication and risk management. Fulfill your duty of care – through localization, communication, and support – all using a single tool.

    Scheer is your SAP Concur Service Partner!

    30 years of HXM expertise, SAP know-how, and process competency, combined with the innovative solutions of SAP Concur. We’re there for you!

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