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  • HXM Strategic Consulting

    HXM Strategic Consulting

    Classic Human Capital Management (HCM) is increasingly evolving into Human Experience Management (HXM).

    Realize enterprise goals with HXM strategies

    To achieve their goals, companies need the right strategy and optimal deployment of resources. Both of these components are directly linked with the topic of human resources. A focused, value-based alignment of the HR area is a prerequisite for providing optimal support for the enterprise strategy and central positioning within the enterprise.

    Special requirements demand special skills. Especially in times of skills shortages, topics such as recruiting, development, and the targeted assignment of employees are becoming critical success factors. Digitalization is changing the world of work and with it, the demands placed on your employees and their needs. A harmonized HXM strategy, adapted to the new action areas and opportunities, is required.

    We support you, beginning with strategy, through implementation, and right up to operations, and we work with you to find specific solutions in the areas of strategy and transformation, leadership and people, and IT and sourcing strategy.

    The Scheer transformation method

    The project approach contains five phases:

    • Project preparation
    • Strategic HR alignment
    • Analysis of the current situation
    • HR concept
    • HR implementation
    • HR validation
    Representation of Human Experience Management (HCM) in the HR optimization of Scheer GmbH
    Representation of the Human Experience Management (HCM) in the strategy consulting of Scheer GmbH.

    The HR strategy is derived from the enterprise strategy. The HR strategies that create the greatest value for the enterprise should be given top priority. The central goals of the enterprise strategy and value-driving factors pave the way.

    HXM Transformation Consulting

    By deriving your the HXM strategy and transformation from your enterprise strategy, you can develop both value-based and key figure-based control systems. Change management consulting and appropriate resource allocation enable dedicated preparation to meet future requirements. The IT sourcing strategy and IT service portfolio management round out this consulting approach.

    Representation of Human Experience Management (HXM) in the strategy consulting of Scheer GmbH.
    Representation of the Human Experience Management (HCM) process of Scheer GmbH

    The HXM assessment is based on the previously defined strategy and focuses on the implementation. Its objective is the harmonization and automation of processes.

    Target/actual analyses and an evaluation of the efficiency of resource deployment make optimization potential transparent. TCO analyses and business case calculations provide clear figures and enable action recommendations.

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